50 shades of shui | it’s a FREE simple shui series!

February 3, 2017

happy FRIDAY, darlings!

there’s something i want to tell you that’s kinda a BIG deal to me.

next week, i am launching a FREE series called 50 Shades of Shui, and izzz’ all happening on Facebook Live!

oh, baby — we are going to have some wild FUN!

this course is a 10-day day dive into the feng shui elements + all their superpowers. and i am talking ALL about it in my new video, so have a listen and then sign up here.

if your energy is ready to make a comeback. . .

or you’re thirsty for a tall pour of shui. . .

come right this way. . .

and join the shui squad.

see you next thurday!



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2 thoughts on “50 shades of shui | it’s a FREE simple shui series!

  1. Thank you for sharing I appriciate you Amanda Gibby Peters.

    Not a lot of professionals like you would share so much FREE information. I’m so happy I ran into you.

    I am true believer of good SHUI. Everything you share is GOLD for me..Because I do believe.

    Real quick as to how I ran into your inviting cery bright and welcoming web page… I do believe this saying;
    THERE Is Always a Reason why…

    I bump in to your page because I get this daily email from Horoscope.com
    Months ago I used to check my emails daily and for some reason like you continually say on the videos or blogs. We get numb or get too comfortable with the clutter its simply have no time to clear it up or whichever fits the behaviour we do in a daily basis. That’s why clutter piles up. I agree totally.
    I have been praying for guidance and help these past few weeks now to find the light and strenght to get my soul back to its happy positive energy again.

    And today..wàlá! I just happen to have the time to open up my email and hit the HOROSCOPE.Com mail.

    Upon reading my daily frocast on the bottom of the page where it says (Rulling for You) advertisement says; these 5 home haks will rock your life.
    I was sold and there goes me reading everything and watching your free videos. From there I’m now here writing you a comment on your page thank you.

    Hope to be able to join and be a part of your SIMPLU SHUI WORKSHOPS

    1. i am so happy the universe crossed our paths — i do believe shui is a simple, practical magic that can change + improve our lives with a few mindful, intentional moves. so, YAY that you found simple shui at a perfect time for you! and i do look forward to hearing what blossoms as you make space in your life for positive, fresh energy! xo

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