Hello! I am Amanda Gibby Peters, and putting the affairs of a home in order is my genius.

I adore simplicity. And I edit. Brilliantly. So, what’s Simple Shui, you say?

It’s a lifestyle with its own mission statement:

Live with what you love.

I help readers + clients simplify their spaces. Because that is where the practical magic to a gorgeous life awaits.

Our homes speak in metaphor – a language I know fluently. The energy that comes into our space influences how we step out into the world. And those metaphors influence everything – our radiance + well-being, delicious relationships, flowing prosperity, and plump happiness.

You see, when we are too busy to care about our space, it squanders all those resources we rely on to curate a good life – our time, energy, and the creative stamina to live BIG.

Things I do



I teach workshops and e-courses on decoding shui + creating a LIVE WITH WHAT YOU LOVE lifestyle that celebrates the every day.

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I offer 5 tiers of services – each one is buzzworthy + eager to dispense the perfect dosage of shui for you and your space.

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I LOVE sharing tips + tricks that influence new ideas and inspire better conversations that encourage using your home delightful ways.

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Fun Facts

I LOVE a good story. And my wild rumpus so far has tattooed a few worth sharing so here are some fun things you might not know about me…