a thousand thanks | marrakech on my mind

April 6, 2017

it’s been a week, and still, Marrakech is on my mind and the straight up magic of it all. like. . .

the endless twists and turns inside the souks. . .the stray cats. . .and the barrage of bold colors and noise refusing to be ignored.


the finesse of a good haggle + my celebratory squeals from the steals of deals i brokered! {it also sadly and forever rendered any sale i ever get here at home now lukewarm and flat.}


the square filled with spices + incense + oils + soap + dyes – a symphony of seduction to the senses. and every single thing that came home with me carries the vibrancy of this magical city.


the textiles + blankets + rugs + lanterns + baskets. and my mind + heart swamped, trying to decide what dangling treasures and evocative gems to squeeze into my suitcase.


afternoon meanderings through the pink-ish maze of the medina, possibly lost and hypnotized by the beauty while always (luckily!) hopping out of a zooming motorbike’s path just in time.


the ritual of prayer 5 times a day – a call echoing from towering speakers, quickly becoming an invitation to reconnect + recommit to gratitude. {although, truthfully, i never warmed to the 5:30-ish a.m. call. . .}.

HOT mint tea poured magnificently into beautifully etched glasses alongside sweet, savory treats.

jardin majorelle + yves st. laurent + all that blue. and i am only half-joking when i say it may be the tipping point to my own blue period. because my mind is whirring with ideas about saturating my walls, draping fabric, throwing down rugs to pop my world with cobalt.




our visit to the hamman and being led through a series of rooms, rituals, and relaxation. i was rubbed down with black soap, steamed, scrubbed thoroughly, covered in clay, and doused with water – followed up with the pampering of a fluffy robe, an enchanting room, and a cup of mint tea. ummm, yes, we could all get used to this.

and the doors. ALL THE DOORS. visual poetry and puh-lenty of inspo.


and then. . .

to be there among the sisterhood + soulful synergy of high priestesses. where we began each day with gala darling and guided meditations + cavernous soul journaling. . . and bid the day farewell with veronica varlow and her ancestral stories + candlelit rituals + personal revivals. . .


and to teach shui in a gorgeous riad where water was flowing, candles adorned the room, rose petals floated, and birdsong was swirling among a radiant femme squad. truly, this is a feeling i will savor forever. . .


and finally. . .

on our way home, an overnight stay in Madrid.

and chocolate and churros – need i say more?

walking the city late into the evening, people everywhere and the energy so becoming of us all.

honestly, i feel so luck struck. and with every trip i make, i think of shui. because it is how i aligned my wanderlust and reality. it is when these juicy, dripping-down-my-chin travels truly began. and it is why, should you ever wonder what shui will do for you, i will tell you it has the moxie + muscle to trigger capacious opportunities and sprinkle them all along your way. making your story the real love affair of your life.






simple shui | learning vs. living shui

March 2, 2017

in my early days of shui, i heard a story that went something like this…

forever ago, there was a gang of DEEP thinkers who noticed luck was something not everybody enjoyed.

they plunged into a lifelong inquiry, carefully noticing how life and the cosmos cooperated.

these philosophers realized the natural environment plays to patterns. and since they believed everything is connected, they pondered the possibilities to influence + improve one’s luck.

when a seed lands in fertile soil and that patch of land has the luck of sunshine, water, and protection, it thrives. likewise, if we plant ourselves in the best possible surroundings, we align ourselves with wealth, health, and happiness.

that’s how we get lucky.

think about it — when we plant something and it struggles, we don’t blame the plant. we consider everything else first, right? soil quality; how much water it’s getting/not getting; the amount of light it receives. . .

but when we struggle, our self-criticisms have us immediately ravaging ourselves inside out.

take a deep breath.

and ask yourself: what if everything around you is an invitation, an opportunity to guide the energy and your life toward something more positive?

this is HOW shui helps. first and foremost, shui is about empowerment – your space is an opportunity to influence what is happening in your life right now. physically. professionally. personally. PROFOUNDLY.

but like learning any new skill, it requires honest participation.

last week, i wrapped up a course on the 5 elements. and some of you are wondering if you’re “getting” it as you make new moves in your space. a few of you are doubting your own intuition — because you can’t make logical sense of HOW it helps. the cerebral is insisting on explanations.

here’s what i want to tell you:

shui is how the universe makes sense of things, and she thinks so much differently than you or i. and that’s a good thing, i promise. trust the simple, direct FEELINGS — that’s shui pulling you.

stoke the fire in your belly. it’s time to be gutsy and honest about what you do and don’t LOVE anymore. you can’t hide anything in shui, so be willing to let things go. clutter will hold you in a pattern of struggle like nothing else. if you’ve got some, you now have a starting point. dorothy parker once said, “it’s not the tragedies that kill us, it’s the messes.”

finally, surrender your need to know HOW the magic works. our gloating ego will over-promise and under-deliver. our job, as i see it, is to keep a positive attitude while staying neutral with our expectations. with that said, know the universe over-delivers if you step toward her. in all my experience, shui is how you play YOUR game and win. but you have to be willing to trust it and dive deep.

honor the process + its pace.

see the beauty already around you — and cultivate its delight daily.

and discover what shui can teach you as you walk into it. you’ve done the learning for now; it’s time to LIVE it, love.


p.s. if you don’t already, follow me here + let’s keep the element conversation going! also, i have one more stop open on my simple shui road tour, so let’s connect if you’d fancy simple shui in your nook!




50 shades of shui | it’s a FREE simple shui series!

February 3, 2017

happy FRIDAY, darlings!

there’s something i want to tell you that’s kinda a BIG deal to me.

next week, i am launching a FREE series called 50 Shades of Shui, and izzz’ all happening on Facebook Live!

oh, baby — we are going to have some wild FUN!

this course is a 10-day day dive into the feng shui elements + all their superpowers. and i am talking ALL about it in my new video, so have a listen and then sign up here.

if your energy is ready to make a comeback. . .

or you’re thirsty for a tall pour of shui. . .

come right this way. . .

and join the shui squad.

see you next thurday!



simple shui | it’s not my clutter!

January 19, 2017

i hear it often. “i’m not the problem; it’s my spouse//my kids//my parents//my roommates. they’re the hoarders, not me.”

it usually continues with, “i have systems. i keep things clean. i try, but she/he/they won’t listen.”

which leads to this question: “can feng shui help?”

listen, i hear you + i feel you. i live with 3 other people who all have their own systems + ideas of what tidy looks and feels like. and it doesn’t always jive with my preferences.

so, my answer comes from personal experience + errors. i’ve both earned and learned (the hard way many times) to trust the shui and get outta its way.

and here’s what i know for sure:

you cannot ‘shui’ other people without their permission, even your kids if they older than 10. this is why shui and organizing are very different practices. shui is an intentional + intuitive process, and you can’t set intentions for someone else. capice?

if you live with a clutter bug, shui your own personal spaces – again, this isn’t about organizing. it is about mindfully upgrading the energy around you, so clear the clutter + work your shui + set intentions + give gratitude. it feels like a small practice, but it’s crazy powerful for improving the energy around us and the experiences we attract. and that one undeniable change is highly contagious and influential to those watching you. and believe me, you are being watched.


clutter is about boundaries. and sometimes the neatest people can be emotionally cluttered. so, if you are well-organized but live with a clutter bug, my suggestion is honestly explore if the ‘mess’ is a reflection of something cluttered within you – disappointment, weak boundaries, indecisiveness, or lingering issues. when we resolve our own emotional clutter, the ‘outside’ begins to match how we now feel on the ‘inside’.

not all clutter is created equally – which is why there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. our things represent emotions + thoughts + memories. women tend to explore and expunge emotions more frequently – let’s call it familiar curriculum for us. men, however, hold those same emotions in their things. this is why men sometimes resist letting things go. how do we help? talk about your expectations as you purge your excess, and then patiently let the results speak for themselves. meanwhile, ask him about the things he holds onto. listen to the stories, if he opens up. oftentimes, that emotional release is a turning point so he, too, can edit his things comfortably.



p.s. if you’d like the gab + guidance to get your life clutter free, check out my workbooks. you are what you see, so if you want to see change inside twenty-seventeen, don’t wait a single second longer!

also, i am thinking about offering a course or online group mid-year for those who’d like to incorporate shui into what they already do — kind of a shui 101 for coaches, teachers, leaders, and all other supernovas who put LOVE into the world. i have NO details yet, so tell me: does this tickle your brain? if YESSS, send me a quick note!

finally, my simple shui road tour trips to North Carolina in April and the Big Apple in May are stretching at the seams — and love beams, i am SO excited! thank you for inviting me into your communities + homes, and i can hardly wait to make shui magic with you. if you are in either city and would like to have a consult or schedule a meet-up, let me know ASAP and i’ll get you the details!




simple shui | a thousand thanks + happy new year!

January 13, 2017

hello + happy new year, sparkle rockets!

pardon the late post, but my celebration was interrupted with a strep-gone-rogue infection. thankfully, i am finally feeling closer to whole.

and now that sick isn’t hanging thick in the air, how about a quick catch up + a round of a thousand thanks?

i am grateful for the voltage + alchemy of the lovelies’ creative world – movie-making is their heartbeat, and it’s held them captive for almost 10 years. when Golden Globes nominated Houda Benyamina was asked recently why she became a film director, she answered “to speak up, to speak out loud. i thought i wanted to be an actress at first but no character had enough energy.” and this mama glowed, thinking these two, my two are kind of a big deal. (this is a casting shot from their latest movie.)

i am grateful for music, especially bishop briggs + maren morris + holly williams who careened around the house, keeping me company these last few weeks.

i am grateful for the mutual JOY unleashing over my simple shui road tour. what began as a simple meet-up in 5 cities is surging into 1:1 consults, too – every request + opportunity feels like a LOVE match, and i am wildly excited to show others how to fly by the force of shui. i will be shimmying into spring!

i am grateful for sunrises + full moons + fresh flowers – the colors always seduce me and remind me just how lucky i am to be alive.

i am grateful for the muses that danced in my head while i was sick in bed. because this february, i am launching my first ever facebook live series called 50 shades of shui. i know, i know – but the sound of it rolls off my tongue so easily, i can’t help myself. more importantly, i’ll be talking about the 5 elements and how to use them in your home to play up certain energies. each element gets 2 days + 10 tips – so, there will be plenty of ideas to drink in + breathe into your house!

i am grateful to be featured in gala darling’s 2017 radical self love almanac. it’s plush full with rituals + inspo + guidance for the year ahead, and i’ve shared 10 ways to set up your bedroom for more LOVE + abundance + JOY. the high priestesses i am alongside bring their best, so don’t miss out!

and, i am grateful for a looming birthday. i’ll be 42 this weekend, and i barely have words. however, methinks i’m in good company with my word for the year: POWERHOUSE. which is about showing up like i belong wherever i am. taking up my space fully + intentionally. empowering people through their own living spaces + houses. releasing the exhaustion from second guessing myself. and tossing the paper weight of generic that insists i hide my powers + squelch my voice. in a nutshell, it’s about getting along famously with this insane courage to truly be me.

while the year ahead has a very unpredictable vibe to it, here is what i know: we are in this wilderness together and we can make the impossible present if we are unwavering with our attention + LOVE. so, hiya 2017 and here’s to steady gratitude, bright torches, and bold acts of LOVE. you in?

happy new year, loves!



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