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October 12, 2017


they are all around you – especially in your home – and they are rather revealing about what is happening in your life right now.

this is why i am unflinching about shui not being something you choose to do; if you have stuff + space, shui is happening all around you.

and because environmental metaphor is an uncomplicated way to use your voice in a complicated world, it’s like having a marquee declare your intentions.

here’s how it works:

  1. your house is the narrator, so what does each thing say to you?
  2. you are the observer, so what are your first impressions?
  3. if you feel aligned with what your things say about you, revisit this exercise when you are ready to change or improve something in your life. if you aren’t swept off your feet with what’s happening around you, it’s time to play with some better metaphors.
  4. what do you desire in your life? find something that matches that idea or goal, and give it good geography. now, here’s the magic rub: every time you are in its vicinity, your subconscious is reminded of your intentions. and what you think about, you bring about. so, shui is about giving your house a piece of your mind now so it brings you peace of mind later!

and because a little visual inspo can make all the difference when you’re first improvising, here is a look inside a few metaphors at play in our home:

with so much to digest on the daily, simplicity is the only way to begin and end my day. work + demands + noise live elsewhere. what we see when we wake up and before we go to bed is sacred space – it bookends everything else in our lives. so, for me, nothing excessive or burdensome is allowed here. as for the prints, there are two – the number that nourishes relationship energy. and the feathers? they remind me help is always in the wings, and they send me into the world trusting my own wings work, too.


rose quartz + Buddha + orchids + hahahha equals love, life, laughter. we like to keep all 3 on steady tap around here.


ghandi once said, “our contribution to the progress of the world must consist in setting our own house in order.” this evokes all the amens from me. i don’t think world peace is lurking around the corner, but i do believe there is proof of its possibility in ordinary moments every day. so this metaphor reminds me to not seek all the answers, but rather remain open to what i don’t know – the possibilities, the potential, and the purpose of being here on the planet right now.


one of the things i LOVE most in our home is the representation of voices that hold space on our shelves and in our conversations. we are all voracious readers, but important books deserve prominence. all the validation i will ever need came home with a lovely the other day. “we watched a TED talk in class, and our teacher asked if we knew the speaker. i raised my hand and said her books are all over our house.” yes, chimamanda rules around here along with an entire palette of voices and opinions for progress and peace.


finally, you know my LOVE for rituals – they are the thread and needle of my day. every morning, i light 9 red candles + set my intentions + light some palo santo + pull daily inspo before writing. all of it weighty in meaning. the metaphor here, though, is the hand – it nudges me to ask for cosmic help and reminds me the source of spirit is unlimited.


ideally, we want to look around us at any given moment and say “this house is SO me/us.” there is always an invitation to hit the refresh button in the spaces we live and work, so whenever you feel the call to plant new intentions and rally cosmic support, find a metaphor you LOVE and let it live with you!


simple shui | 9 strokes of shui for every apartment

October 5, 2017

when i refer to ‘home’ or ‘house’, it is always prescribed in the broadest sense possible. whether you have a house, an apartment, a room, or a bed, it is incredibly potent space that wants to do more than flirt with your transformation—it’s there to seductively narrate your story and watch you breathe in your power.

so, no matter the square footage, every space will revel if you give it a wink of shui.

most of my suggestions are nimble enough to work in any space; however, today’s post was inspired by my high risers and apartment dwellers because there are a few shui improvisations that belong in your repertoire!

  1. i don’t adhere to many rules, but here is one i am a stickler for: you can’t control anyone else’s space, only what is yours. which means that the door to your apartment unit is the one you shui!


  1. make certain that anything around your door is in working order. if you have a doorbell, it better ring! is there a light overhead outside your door? replace the bulbs when they burn out. if your door squeaks or the knob is loose or any part of the door needs fixing, get a handle on it quickly! shui is metaphor, and you don’t deserve these topsy turvy hassles.


  1. give your door prominence from all the others. install a door knocker. put out a colorful welcome mat. hang some twinkling lights. or just shine the door up like you mean it. anything that clearly says this is YOUR space is gold star worthy!


  1. if you can’t do anything to the exterior of your door, behold the power of your entry. and it only requires a few ingredients to go from drab to FAB! when an entry is both attractive and functional, it reveals a hunch of the scenery ahead – and that pulls auspicious opportunities your way. have one beautiful thing in the entry, and you will cast your space under a spell. the eye prowls for beauty, so whatever you choose, if you LOVE it, the message is you belong to this place – and that finesses energy onto the runway straight to you!
  1. if your apartment door opens up to a wall, find an image of open space – it could be a horizon, a field, a winding road, or the ocean. this will “open up” the entry and entice something good way. when you choose an image, find something that “points” and directs the flow of energy. so, if you LOVE a good horizon, look for clouds that drift into your space. if you LOVE a vast field, have the sun pull you into the room. if you LOVE a winding road, pick a road that winds toward the next room. and if you LOVE the ocean, go for waves flowing into the space, not out. a few other “pointers”: cursive writing that leads you in; pops of color that defy being ignored; or anything that ushers energy in (like a galloping horse!).



  1. let’s talk about the back door – especially if you don’t have one. shui is about optimizing energy circulation and when a back door is missing, you might feel stuck. “create” a back door with a mirror or hang art that depicts a door where the back door might be. simple, quick, and just like that, energy is going to show you moves you thought she forgot!


  1. if you have a sliding glass door with a small patio, it might feel energy is sneaking out on you. “contain the energy” by hanging a crystal in a nearby window to capture and reflect it back into your space. or, arrange a few potted plants or furniture (if you have the space) out there so it holds onto energy for you.


  1. if you are in a building with an intercom or your name is listed in the lobby, make sure it is visible. if you have a mailbox and your name isn’t on it, claim it! and if you are on the list? next time you are in that space, set the intention that frisky fresh opportunities are sauntering your way!


  1. if you’re dealing with noise or any problematic disruptions, a small mirror can “bounce back” confrontational energy. using a small mirror (easily found at a craft store), locate somewhere to put it where the reflective side faces the “offender.” this will “return” any negative energy; create the feel of better boundaries; and make the shared space feel less invasive. one simple shui™ note: do this out of compassion and a sincere heart; otherwise, you will mega-dose the situation, and it will go from bad to worse.


hopefully you’ve heard me say it enough, but if things are going swell, YAY! please don’t shui simply for the sake of good shui. take what you need today and leave the rest for a rainy day, m’kay?


simple shui | 9 ways to shui when your funds are low

September 28, 2017

back in my early shui days, we were on a tight budget – which meant i didn’t have much wiggle room to make any major or costly improvements immediately. so, i feel each of you that message me about not having enough money coming in; trying to make ends meet; and wanting any *free* shui advice that will spruce up your green situation.

i’ve got good news: shui is possible on a tight budget because the most important factor behind its success is always YOU. if we practice shui out of desperation – thinking we must do *all the things* or doubting a cure’s prowess because it seems so simple or stomping our foot about the timing + delivery – our frustrated energy hops into the mix of shui’s magic. and let me tell you, this sends the universe all sorts of mixed signals. if you want to maximize any shui cure, do the work and give yourself over to the process because shui knows the way between point A and point YAY!

and because everyone deserves a little auspicious energy, i have a budget-friendly checklist for you! every single suggestion shared here is something i did as a newbie and still practice now. because simple shui is non-perishable, and its nectar is always sweet.


  1. showcase your intentions. our focus determines so much of where we end up, and given that the bedroom bookends our days, it is worth dressing these walls with LOVE. because everything i loved was out of my price range at the beginning of my shui sojourn, i wrote favorite song lyrics on poster board and hung them in over-sized frames – simple, inexpensive, and full of LOVE. plus, bonus points for original artwork! [poster board: $.49 | oversized frame: 24.99 | gold markers: $3.70 | total cost: $30]


  1. an apple a day… in shui, green is associated with new beginnings and bursting growth. it stimulates creativity. and my personal favorite, green strengthens will power. apples symbolize peace. and the kitchen swaggers with abundance possibility. so, whip it all together by keeping a bowl of green apples on the kitchen table, and watch prosperity + peace shimmy your way! [total cost: $2.99/bag]
  2. clean the oven. so not glamorous, right? but this appliance is a total drama queen when neglected. the stove and oven represent our wealth + well-being + prosperity – and who wants to entertain any melodramatics there? set yours on the self-cleaner, let the oven works its own magic, and then finish it with a quick wipe-down and polish. once it’s done {phew!}, prepare to hit new high notes! [oven cleaner: $4.19 | 6-pack of cleaning cloths: $7.31 | total cost: $11.50]
  3. keep the toilet seats down. first of all, it just spiffs up the bathroom. however, water represents fortune, and the shui rumor is if a toilet happens to be in the wrong spot, you’re flushing yo’ money down the drain, right? it’s not quite that severe; however, keep the lids down, and you’ll persuade your payday to stay above ground. [total cost: FREE]
  1. put thy stuff away, especially if it is on the floor. when things linger on the ground, their energy attracts yours downward, too. and that is such a cash crasher! if you are short on space, consider a few hooks. i have them everywhere. they are a great storage alternative; it keeps things we use regularly within reach; and most importantly, something on a hook means it’s not on the floor! and instead of drilling a hook into the door, try some double stick tape – works like a charm! [if you splurge on a fancier hook: $16 / traditional plastic hook: $6.18 | double stick tape: $6.04 | total cost: between $12 and $22]
  2. silence the squeaks. from hinges to floorboards to stairs, squeaking metaphorically represents constant complaining and ambivalence. a squeaky hinge indicates people in the home are fighting. and a squeaky floor or stair often signals insecurity. WD-40 and a few nails seem a simple solution for some serenity now! [WD-40: $4.35 | pack of nails: $5.99 | hammer: $5.59 | total cost: $16]
  3. flood your home with light. open the curtains/blinds so sunlight dapples in. turn on the lamps. light the candles. stoke the fire. light is fire, the element that represents nourishment + safety + warmth. and by stimulating fire, we replenish our inner radiance and spark – and that’s the kind of energy that will have you rising up and reaching new heights! [total cost: $1.99 (6-pack of candles)]


  1. get salty. whenever you don’t know what to do about low vibes + questionable energy, put out a bowl of sea salt for 24 hours. after 24 hours, toss the salt in an outside trash. salt possesses powerful cleansing properties, soaking up negative vibes. it’s easy + cheap + SUPER effective to use as often as needed. [total cost: $11.51 ( two 26-ounce containers)]
  2. go pro. a little shui metaphor has the power to take you to the top, especially if your career could use a lift off. two suggestons: photo #1 // look for anything taking off – ships, birds, a sunrise, hot air balloons – and your career will follow suit. photo #2 // if you feel like no one has your back, tape an image of a mountain to the back of your office chair. mountain imagery offers us support; it reminds us the climb toward any goal often involves contemplation; and it suggests we have access to higher insights. how’s that for climbing with confidence? [total cost: if you have a computer + paper + a printer, FREE!]


the very very very best part of all? you can stay right under $100 if you decide to tackle the entire list! HOLLA + high fives all around! my prices were resourced from Amazon and Target, unless otherwise noted; so, if you are a bargain babe, you might be able to score these magic-makers for less! now, go put the shui pedal to the metal, and cruise toward your something better!


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simple shui | what’s new, alexa?

September 12, 2017

back in july, an email hit my inbox:

“we’re excited to announce that we just launched the first FENG SHUI tips for Amazon Echo — Alexa Skill. our intuition is you are likely to become the MARTHA STEWART of feng shui given your mainstream approach to what is a complicated learning process, and we have a passion to share your message!”

[cue me happy dancing and all-the-teeth grinning.]

a couple conversations + a few months later, and it’s FINALLY official. simple shui™ is now featured over on amazon’s echo via alexa!


if you want to check it out, go to your Amazon Echo Alexa app –> enable AYRIAL news –> ask Alexa for your flash briefing –> VOILA!

and if you want even more (and i hope you do!), go to AYRIAL on iTunes to hear yours truly on their latest featured podcast!

in the coming weeks + months, you’ll hear simple shui holiday tips + articles + more podcasts, so get your Alexa ready and simple shui will stream your way like magic! 


simple shui | Q & A

August 28, 2017

with school back in sesh + september swaying this way, how about a little shui Q and A for your monday musing? i particularly LOVE this question because it personally resonates deeply. as someone who likes to be ‘doing’ instead of ‘being’, i am constantly stumbling into something my first shui mentor, Ellen Whitehurst, told me. “the universe is only seeing you give so it gives you more things to do. you must take care of yourself, and it will send a message to the universe ‘I LOVE MYSELF’ and i am open to receiving more LOVE.” ahhh, so that’s how it works — noted. until i forget again. . .

so, if you relate or this is you right now, today’s Q is a must-read.

Q: i have some resistance to receiving and like to do everything the hard way – more “do it myself” rather than ask for help. i’d like to explore a more receptive, soft, feminine approach to life and just see what happens … any ideas for rituals or practices to use around this? anything that’s worked for you?

we use metaphor to nurture and co-create the experiences + changes we’d life to manifest. so, look for ways to incorporate feminine (not girlish, necessarily. softer, quieter but equally powerful, receptive) accents in your surroundings, especially in the bedroom. perhaps splurge on luxurious sheets – we spend enough time in bed, it deserves to be a favorite feeling. and a bed is all about surrendering to stillness, sleep, and sensuality, right? i simply cannot say this enough — the closer we are to something, the more important its influence! so YES, the sheets are worth it!

another possibility: the left side of a home {if you are standing at the door looking in} represents feminine energy, and it is a great place to anchor that divine energy. consider adding a goddess or feminine deity here – this could be a statue, image, or book. any one of those would boost feminine receptive energies. personally, Quan Yin reigns the left side of our yard!

one last thought: display a photo/artwork of a vast landscape – this speaks to Earth energy, and Mother Earth shows us how to receive + nurture + support life. if any of these suggestions resonate, try it – each one embodies Earth energy, and Earth energy is the connective tissue to trusting + accepting LOVE + receiving everything we deserve.

happy monday, loves!



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