simple shui | 9 strokes of shui for every apartment

when i refer to ‘home’ or ‘house’, it is always prescribed in the broadest sense possible. whether you have a house, an apartment, a room, or a bed, it is incredibly potent space that wants to do more than flirt with your transformation—it’s there to seductively narrate your story and watch you breathe in your power.

so, no matter the square footage, every space will revel if you give it a wink of shui.

most of my suggestions are nimble enough to work in any space; however, today’s post was inspired by my high risers and apartment dwellers because there are a few shui improvisations that belong in your repertoire!

  1. i don’t adhere to many rules, but here is one i am a stickler for: you can’t control anyone else’s space, only what is yours. which means that the door to your apartment unit is the one you shui!


  1. make certain that anything around your door is in working order. if you have a doorbell, it better ring! is there a light overhead outside your door? replace the bulbs when they burn out. if your door squeaks or the knob is loose or any part of the door needs fixing, get a handle on it quickly! shui is metaphor, and you don’t deserve these topsy turvy hassles.


  1. give your door prominence from all the others. install a door knocker. put out a colorful welcome mat. hang some twinkling lights. or just shine the door up like you mean it. anything that clearly says this is YOUR space is gold star worthy!


  1. if you can’t do anything to the exterior of your door, behold the power of your entry. and it only requires a few ingredients to go from drab to FAB! when an entry is both attractive and functional, it reveals a hunch of the scenery ahead – and that pulls auspicious opportunities your way. have one beautiful thing in the entry, and you will cast your space under a spell. the eye prowls for beauty, so whatever you choose, if you LOVE it, the message is you belong to this place – and that finesses energy onto the runway straight to you!
  1. if your apartment door opens up to a wall, find an image of open space – it could be a horizon, a field, a winding road, or the ocean. this will “open up” the entry and entice something good way. when you choose an image, find something that “points” and directs the flow of energy. so, if you LOVE a good horizon, look for clouds that drift into your space. if you LOVE a vast field, have the sun pull you into the room. if you LOVE a winding road, pick a road that winds toward the next room. and if you LOVE the ocean, go for waves flowing into the space, not out. a few other “pointers”: cursive writing that leads you in; pops of color that defy being ignored; or anything that ushers energy in (like a galloping horse!).



  1. let’s talk about the back door – especially if you don’t have one. shui is about optimizing energy circulation and when a back door is missing, you might feel stuck. “create” a back door with a mirror or hang art that depicts a door where the back door might be. simple, quick, and just like that, energy is going to show you moves you thought she forgot!


  1. if you have a sliding glass door with a small patio, it might feel energy is sneaking out on you. “contain the energy” by hanging a crystal in a nearby window to capture and reflect it back into your space. or, arrange a few potted plants or furniture (if you have the space) out there so it holds onto energy for you.


  1. if you are in a building with an intercom or your name is listed in the lobby, make sure it is visible. if you have a mailbox and your name isn’t on it, claim it! and if you are on the list? next time you are in that space, set the intention that frisky fresh opportunities are sauntering your way!


  1. if you’re dealing with noise or any problematic disruptions, a small mirror can “bounce back” confrontational energy. using a small mirror (easily found at a craft store), locate somewhere to put it where the reflective side faces the “offender.” this will “return” any negative energy; create the feel of better boundaries; and make the shared space feel less invasive. one simple shui™ note: do this out of compassion and a sincere heart; otherwise, you will mega-dose the situation, and it will go from bad to worse.


hopefully you’ve heard me say it enough, but if things are going swell, YAY! please don’t shui simply for the sake of good shui. take what you need today and leave the rest for a rainy day, m’kay?


simple shui | your creative genius starts here

let’s talk creativity. specifically, how to craft space for it; how to curate a ritual around it; and how to commit to the work that creativity inspires + requires. lucky for me (and you!), i work with many writers + creative artists, so i know these shifts + suggestions make magic sizzle and spark! don’t feel the need to hustle + do all of these – this list is for you to graze on, pick a few to get you started, and come back to as you need the shui LOVE!

+ when we begin any new endeavor, it is mission critical to create open space for inspiration + flow. so, clean your desk completely. take everything off + out. wipe it down, top to bottom, and hold the vision of your creative intentions steady while you clean. only put back what you need, use, +/or LOVE. secondly, clear a small space {if possible} and leave it empty. it could be a shelf or drawer or a section of work space. intention here is key — you are leaving open room to receive. resist the pull to skip this step, okay?

+ if you like to pile things, give yourself ample horizontal space. if you like to file things, allow yourself plenty of vertical space. this will help feed your creative flow + momentum early in the process.

+ what inspires your creativity? find one way to anchor a talisman as you begin — personalizing your work space is like working from the inside out, and it will help pull out the stories you are ready to tell +/or the work you’re here to create. when we honor our space, we are also honoring ourselves.

+ bright yellow flowers invite clarity while writing, and orange flowers inspire + connect us with new ideas. and if fresh flora aren’t a possibility, print a small picture of some blooms you LOVE + place it in a white frame on your desk or wall.

+ the sound of water playing softly in the background creates a nourishing + ‘in the flow’ feeling. {most important, though, is that you LOVE the sound.}

+ hang up any letters, notes, or words of encouragement to boost + corral energies for future recognition of your work.

+ light a candle at the beginning of your creative session. set the intention that you will hold focus until you blow out the candle. it is more ritual than magic, but it sets the tone and quickly communicates to our subconscious that we are ready to craft + curate + create. and getting our conscious + subconscious aligned makes the process so much easier.

+ quartz crystals improve our luck with creativity and helpful people {think: connections, networking, timing, word of mouth, etc.}. the pyramid shape is representative of the fire element, specifically helping us reach for something that feels beyond us + encourages us to joyfully accept and acknowledge what is. on a quick side note: triangles, pyramids, and diamonds send energy out + up and keep things moving. so, if you come across a quartz pyramid serendipitously, take that as a sign + bring it home with you!

+ use a mirror in the decor. mirrors expand space, bringing it to life. and the more active a space is, the more stimulated we feel. a simple prescription for lassoing creative vibes.

+ finally, as a writer myself, i can’t possibly emphasize this enough: show up somehow every damn day. for me, this clears the cobwebs + makes me more relaxed, which strengthens my voice. our best stuff will come to the surface if we get all those tight spots inside us open, so write. make lists. journal. commit to the craft, and your creativity will follow. xo

simple shui | gimme some new moon shui

it’s a new moon Monday, and with school starting for some + eclipse energy in the air + the world right now, how about a head start on ways to use this energy for you + your home’s highest good?

if you’re ready to re-connect to your inner wild child and let your creative genius loose…

if you want to invite more happiness + humor into your home…

if you’ve been plotting ideas + sowing inspo for the fall forecast, and you’re eager to make something outta nothing…

the CHILDREN + CREATIVITY area of your house is THE space to spruce for the LEO new moon. {i shared a shui map a few days ago here, so grab yourself a quick looksie + HOW TO!}

CHILDREN + CREATIVITY relates to our offspring + their well-being; it represents our creative reservoir + projects; it speaks to our soul’s joy; and it is home to *future* endeavors. when we use this space, the energy we engage helps us metabolize that real strength + beauty comes from within. and when we LOVE up on this space, it has a profound impact on ALL our relationships. so, let’s chat a few ideas for spreading your wings in this space with the new moon, yes?

:: place original artwork or imagery here to encourage you to dip into your imagination more.

:: keep a few toys/games in this space as a reminder to not take yourself so seriously.

:: buy white flowers or an orchid OR place something white here as an offering to this space — white is a LOVE light for creative energy.

:: play music + stimulate those creative juices.

:: gather a few books on creativity and let them live here.

:: display poetry magnets to prompt spontaneous self-expression.

:: keep a bowl of crayons or art supplies out.

:: light a white tea light candle daily, with the intention of nurturing your energy — and prepare yourself for creative bursts of energy + insights!

:: clear space (this ditty will always be on my simple shui™ lists!). whenever we clear out space, we clear our head. and a clear mind is creative catnip!

don’t rush to do it all; instead, choose one idea that resonates. let that idea get you on the dance floor, and remember, this new moon shui should feel drenched in pleasure + fun. xo

simple shui | it’s not my clutter!

i hear it often. “i’m not the problem; it’s my spouse//my kids//my parents//my roommates. they’re the hoarders, not me.”

it usually continues with, “i have systems. i keep things clean. i try, but she/he/they won’t listen.”

which leads to this question: “can feng shui help?”

listen, i hear you + i feel you. i live with 3 other people who all have their own systems + ideas of what tidy looks and feels like. and it doesn’t always jive with my preferences.

so, my answer comes from personal experience + errors. i’ve both earned and learned (the hard way many times) to trust the shui and get outta its way.

and here’s what i know for sure:

you cannot ‘shui’ other people without their permission, even your kids if they older than 10. this is why shui and organizing are very different practices. shui is an intentional + intuitive process, and you can’t set intentions for someone else. capice?

if you live with a clutter bug, shui your own personal spaces – again, this isn’t about organizing. it is about mindfully upgrading the energy around you, so clear the clutter + work your shui + set intentions + give gratitude. it feels like a small practice, but it’s crazy powerful for improving the energy around us and the experiences we attract. and that one undeniable change is highly contagious and influential to those watching you. and believe me, you are being watched.


clutter is about boundaries. and sometimes the neatest people can be emotionally cluttered. so, if you are well-organized but live with a clutter bug, my suggestion is honestly explore if the ‘mess’ is a reflection of something cluttered within you – disappointment, weak boundaries, indecisiveness, or lingering issues. when we resolve our own emotional clutter, the ‘outside’ begins to match how we now feel on the ‘inside’.

not all clutter is created equally – which is why there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. our things represent emotions + thoughts + memories. women tend to explore and expunge emotions more frequently – let’s call it familiar curriculum for us. men, however, hold those same emotions in their things. this is why men sometimes resist letting things go. how do we help? talk about your expectations as you purge your excess, and then patiently let the results speak for themselves. meanwhile, ask him about the things he holds onto. listen to the stories, if he opens up. oftentimes, that emotional release is a turning point so he, too, can edit his things comfortably.



p.s. if you’d like the gab + guidance to get your life clutter free, check out my workbooks. you are what you see, so if you want to see change inside twenty-seventeen, don’t wait a single second longer!

also, i am thinking about offering a course or online group mid-year for those who’d like to incorporate shui into what they already do — kind of a shui 101 for coaches, teachers, leaders, and all other supernovas who put LOVE into the world. i have NO details yet, so tell me: does this tickle your brain? if YESSS, send me a quick note!

finally, my simple shui road tour trips to North Carolina in April and the Big Apple in May are stretching at the seams — and love beams, i am SO excited! thank you for inviting me into your communities + homes, and i can hardly wait to make shui magic with you. if you are in either city and would like to have a consult or schedule a meet-up, let me know ASAP and i’ll get you the details!




simple shui | 5 tricks for creating a statement making entryway

play up the entry of a home, and we experience the world in a whole new way. thresholds blur the boundary between the outside world and our inner sanctuary, making this passageway a powerful influence in how we feel every day. and as an extension of our living space, the entry is a first chance to deliver a good impression; it’s the ideal space for welcoming fanfare; and it’s a home’s signature way of pulling us into its embrace. so, if the foyer could use some tending, here are a few ideas to bring yours into full bloom:




shui fancies the front door like a metaphorical mouth – it is where good nourishment (energy, opportunity, and prosperity) enters a home. ideally, we want our door to work as beautifully as it looks. so, if you’re having a hard time getting a handle on a situation, check the door knob and keep it in good repair. if the door sticks, it suggests we might be feeling stuck professionally – get handy and loosen it up. if the door doesn’t open fully, consider where you might be experiencing personal limitations and clear some space. these are seemingly simple sensibilities, but they are the details that make a real difference!



keep reading here.

and happy thursday, lads and lasses!