simple shui | what’s your exit strategy?

got clutter?

if yes, tell me: what’s your exit strategy?

after years of consults and seeing the accumulation of possessions in every home {mine included!}, i know that our stuff isn’t delivering what we really want: time and space. yet, we spend our hard earned dollars on things. things that promise happiness, eventually become clutter, and leave us feeling overwhelmed by the suffocating presence of it all.

sure, we say we might need it…

or think it might be worth something…

or believe we are going to get around to using it…

yet, does it go untouched?

when our stuff sits neglected or unwanted, it creates a low vibe energy.

want to take a guess how that makes you feel?

tired. ashamed. confused. distracted. stuck. disorganized. congested. overwhelmed. indifferent. dull.

and too much time around those fellas, and low vibes will definitely deplete you. i think we are all deserving of something much better than that — don’t you?

if we perceive struggle, we experience struggle. but when we clear through the ambivalence of it all and let go of the clutter, we get clear about our priorities + purpose. we get better at setting boundaries. we learn to prioritize ourselves simply by prioritizing our space. and when we perceive order + beauty, it feels like a slice of paradise.

which is why kristen finch and i are pulling our uncluttered series out of the vault! and we are hosting a FREE webinar Friday (may 5th, m’loves!) to talk all about this 21-day course. this conversation will help widen your understanding about what your things are saying about you + how they are impacting everything in your life. so, if you’ve been craving resolution + zest + contentment + purpose, this is for YOU.

clutter absorbs all that energy that moves us into new directions – opportunities + adventures + LOVE – so don’t let it take another thing from you. hop over here, sign up, and let’s get you back to good!





simple shui | 5 tips for a positive + productive workspace

our surroundings form sensory-rich narratives of our lives, punctuated with details and belongings that hold our intentions in place. and because our life stories intersect with our work worlds, creative spaces are equally worthy of mindful design.

consider what words first percolate when you ponder your workspace. are you comfortable inviting people into your busy hive? when we “match” our intentions with our environments, it springboards productivity and well-being – an excellent tonic for keeping energy up and making strides in our careers at the same time.

if your office feels like a messy maze, here are five shui tips to guide you onto a wide-open path, both professionally and personally.


1. get fresh. 

been working in the same exact spot for over a year? roll up your sleeves and take everything out of your work zone. wipe down the entire space. your elbow-deep efforts cleaning shelves, vacuuming corners, and wiping down baseboards will feel like coming out of a long hibernation. this quality of attention to any environment jolts awake our senses and energy, priming us for a satisfying stretch into new territory.

keep reading here.

and happy monday, loves!


simple shui | supplemental

essential oils are a staple in my shui practice and our home. and when this blog began forever-and-a-day-ago, i spent plenty of posts gushing about oils. it was a little before their moment – oils weren’t really in the current of daily conversation – so the topic fell out of my blog loop. however, they remained a constant in our home + health. we’ve treated everything from pneumonia to hashimoto’s to anxiety with success, and i like keeping that kind of confidence within reach.

so, when Infinity Jars asked if i’d feature them on simple shui, it was an organic YES. oils are an expensive investment – they deserve equivalent tools to maximize all their various uses, including the assortment of homemade blends + tinctures recipes i LOVE concocting. with that yes, i was curious if these bottles would stand up to the supplies i’d been using.

Infinity Jars sent me a glass dropper bottle and a glass roller bottle – two items i use pretty regularly – to try out.

when my bottles arrived, the first thing i loved was the deep-violet glass. it is both sleek + sophisticated – a nice respite from the amber brown typically used for oils. after reading more, i learned ancient Egyptians invented deep violet glass to preserve their precious oils + herbs in tombs. so cleopatra-ish!


the next thing i noticed was the screw-top lids are completely airtight. when i travel, my oils {unfortunately} are vulnerable to coming undone. and while the fragrant greeting when opening my bag is lovely, i don’t relish the costly waste. {same goes for a few of my lotions + face products.} for future travel, these airtight seals will be a delightful addition to my stash.

and because our well-being is always worth spending more money on, i am evangelical about quality over quantity. so, i LOVE that the integrity of my oils + products are guaranteed to be protected for over 6 months {and in some instances up to 2 years} in these jars. in the natural supplements + holistic world, it’s easy to hear {empty} promises about quality – so i respect a company willing to stand and deliver on their products.

the dropper is now at home in my shui bag, perfect for holding the frankincense i use in space clearings + house blessings. the roller made its way into a lovely’s repertoire, housing her peaceful child* blend. and to my delight, both are getting plenty of use!

it’s not in my wheelhouse to promote goods on my blog; however, this intersects with the tools i use to cultivate our well-being + shui + home. and with the growing familiarity of oils + their uses, it felt like a good bridge to build for those who LOVE oils as much as i do. so, if you’re in the market for a few new bottles or jars that will help perpetuate your essential oil habits, shake a tail feather over to Infinity Jars and feast on their selection!




when fear + stress + anxiety collide into our kids, it can create the perfect storm. we went through this several years ago, and i was lucky enough to have a holistic practitioner in my life who helped me navigate my little to higher ground. what i witnessed with this blend was an almost immediate calming + stabilizing effect – the mental chatter eased, and she was able to get back to her center. the trick with this blend, i have found, is its best used daily {for us} as a preventative rather than an oil to manage those feverish behaviors. all oils below are doTERRA – a company i LOVE and have been with since 2007.

85 drops Vetiver

30 drops Ylang Ylang

20 drops Frankincense

20 drops Lavender

15 drops Clary Sage

10 drops Marjoram

combine all the oils in a roller or a spritzer, and swirl them around so they combine. add an equal part of coconut oil to the mixture, give it another swirl, and your blend is ready! i spray this blend either down her back or at the base of her neck. you could also rub it on the bottom of feet. she uses this once a day around bedtime; however, during times of heightened anticipation + worry, we will use it 2-3 times a day.


simple shui | hello, september

summer felt like a blink, but its ending brings a bittersweet happiness because autumn’s coppery path is almost ripe for a stroll. as we kiss summer goodbye, how about some good-for-the-soul shui to embrace everything that comes with fall’s beginning. . .



i heard tony robbins recently say, “if you don’t have 10 minutes, you don’t have a life.” regardless of whether you agree or not, now is a good time to push past your comfort zone with the clutter. the act of clearing clutter almost always delivers immediate proof – we get a palpable energy surge; answers parachute into our problems; and we realize how GOOD our home can feel. the catch: we have to clear the clutter – otherwise, those piles of pandemonium and procrastinated decisions infringe on us. so, start with what’s visible, and your momentum will accelerate. 10 minutes every day, and you will metabolize a different life in no time.





with the topic of clutter circulating, might i suggest a good pantry purge, especially now with school back in sesh + the holidays about to rise and grind. and because i just did this myself, i have a quickie checklist of easy offenders to pounce on:

  • expired cans
  • impotent {haha!} herbs + spices – ground herbs/spices last 1-3 years; whole spices are good about 4 years.
  • take-out menus
  • outdated OTC drugs +/or vitamins + essential oils + supplements
  • paper plates + plastic cutlery
  • candy from holidays-past
  • almost empty cereal, cracker, and cookie boxes
  • anything found unsealed that’s lost that fresh feeling
  • food that’s been in the same place for several seasons because no one wants it
  • old boxed mixes +/or powders
  • aprons
  • cookie cutters
  • plastic plates the kids have outgrown
  • treats the dog refuses to eat
  • unused containers

the kitchen radically nourishes and replenishes us to the bones when we clear the congestion. think about it: this one space bookends our days; it embraces our gatherings; and its hearth represents safety + soul + celebration. so, lean into the power of clean and get rid of anything not worth missing!





when we layer our space with a few fragrant notes, we feel it in our brain + nervous system + heart. start by opening windows to beckon fresh air and good vibes your way. and when temps drop, stoke your money maker with one of these simmering concoctions:

  • draw strength from mama nature with a few pine branches {clipped from outside}. cut them to easily fit a pot, and add a teaspoon of cinnamon + a pinch of nutmeg + a pinch of ground cloves. cover with water, and let it boil. keep it going for as long as you like – just add more water as necessary.
  • scent your home like williams-sonoma. slice a lemon and add it to a pot, along with 2 rosemary sprigs + 2 tablespoons of vanilla. cover with water, and let it bubble wildly. as the water evaporates, add more water.
  • if you’re ready to inhale a little holiday joie de vivre, slice an orange and lemon and add them to a pot. either sprinkle in some cinnamon + nutmeg + cloves OR toss in a few cinnamon sticks + a couple tablespoons of whole cloves + ½ cup of cranberries. fill the pot with water, bring to a boil, and let it drench the air with homespun deliciousness. keep adding water as needed.

when we offer our surroundings good will, they respond in kind by fortifying us + bearing the best gifts. so, bust a few shui moves + stay in your magic! and here’s to a happy september, sunshine makers + moonbeams!



simple shui | a fresh take on back-to-school

social media has been chirping this week with photos o’plenty {mine included} of little birdies leaving summer’s nest for school. whenever the winds of change howl, i use a little shui magic to carry me and my canaries along the way. so, if you feel your brood could use a little more courage and a little less roar in the days + months ahead, these shui moves will pamper those intentions!



fears at bedtime competing with sweet zzzz’s? have a conversation with your little, and encourage her to pick out a ‘protector.’ this could be a stuffed animal, a statue, a photo, a flashlight – anything that says safety to her. place it near the bed. and if she fancies the idea, move her bed into a corner – for anyone under the age of 10, sleeping against two walls offers the reassurance of being safely nestled into a nook. punctuate the room with happy photos of you, grandparents, or loved ones – this is a subtle reminder of her secure place in a happy family. and it creates a loving embrace for her to sink into at night.

if your little is more tween to teen-ish, it’s time to pull the bed away from the wall {if he hasn’t already}. when wings start flapping with burgeoning independence, open space on both sides of a bed provides a feeling of freedom. and if clutter is camping out around him, resist the urge to invade! clutter in adolescence fuels a sense of security. teenagers have little control at this point in their lives – school, money, and personal independence are all dictated by others. so, allow him this rebellion. if you clean it up, it leaves him feeling exposed + powerless. instead of battling the room, set some house rules that are non-negotiable to you; insist the clutter stays within his space; and trust this phase will pass.




in shui, the number of doors to windows in a home is believed to affect family dynamics. why? doors represent the voice of parents; windows represent the littles’ and not-so-littles’ voices. and if there are more windows than doors {by a 3:1 ratio}, you might notice competing opinions + back-talk coming from your kids. likewise, if the windows are bigger than the doors, the kids could ignore your input + seem rebellious. a quick fix is to hang a set of bells on a door so that when it opens, the ‘door’ is heard by the ‘windows,’ giving your voice the widest range of them all.

feng shui + simple shui + doors + bells + parent voice



on average, we spend a third of our lives in bed – so, if you’d like a simple, go-to space clearing for the kiddos’ bedrooms, let’s take it to the mattress. fill a mason jar with baking soda. add in several drops of your favorite essential oils, if you’d like – we use lavender + rosemary. put a lid on it and shake well.

strip the bed(s) – everything that is washable, pillows included, goes off to be laundered.

sprinkle the baking soda mixture generously over the mattress and let it sit for at least an hour {i sometimes leave it for several hours}. when you are ready to vacuum up the mixture, visually section off the mattress into 4 quadrants. vacuum each quadrant in 3 different directions. not only does this ensure all the powder is removed, this deep cleanse draws out moisture + dirt + energetic mites.

once all the bedding + linens are washed, make the bed with your little. as you fluff the bed, encourage your sunbeam to set some intentions. i’ve been guiding our lovelies through this for years using the shui map as goal + life aspiration inspo. what feels wonky at first, if used as a yearly ritual, soon becomes a natural part of their thought process. the time they spend one-on-one with you becomes a simple way to reset their energy. and it re-calibrates the promise and potency of a fresh start. a perfect concoction as the new school year bell rings!

feng shui + life aspirations + bagua + feng shui map


and from our house to yours, here’s to a year filled with peace + LOVE + all that good stuff in between! xo


p.s. with the kiddos back in school, now is the PERFECT time to make most of the calm before the holiday storm. so, if you’ve wanted to invite some magic your way, polish up your soul goals with one {or all} of my workbooks! each one is filled with plenty of shui ideas + home inspo to get your house in great shape + energize YOU! and for all of you who’ve dived into them, i feel like putting on a party dress when i hear the delicious deets about shui in your world. thank you!

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