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July 24, 2014

on the luckiest day of the year, i have a BIG announcement. HUGE, really.

after years of working with clients, there are two things i know for sure.

you are worth everything. right now.


to create that kind of life, you need magic. the kind that doesn’t come from ho-hum logic.

when we surround ourselves with LOVE – and i’m talking about our thoughts & our things – oh my goodness. alchemy happens. good vibes pulse freely, synchronicity spins gold, and our lives get BIG. BETTER. BEAUTIFUL.

and it just so happens someone delightfully fabulous agrees with me.

for months, kristen and i have been spilling everything we know into a 9-week course called SIMPLE. it’s our series on living + loving your life.



if calm + happy are missing in your life…

if a house with less noise + clutter sounds extraordinary…

if somehow there was better flow in your relationships…

if getting unstuck + more energized would feel like the best thing ever…

if finally feeling good enough about what’s most important to you could just happen…

if you could simply live the best version of yourself…

you want to do this. now.

because when one life coach (that’s the mega-watt kristen finch) starts jamming with a feng shui coach (that’s me!)…well…it turns into 9 weeks of precise steps that will cultivate the GORGEOUS life you deserve.

we start september 22nd. there are a limited number of spots available. so, if you have any interest, email me. message me. talk to me so you are the FIRST to know when registration opens.

you in?



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11 thoughts on “simple shui | a BIG announcement

  1. I am in the process of transition and moving into a new place and new phase of my life- would love to join the course during this time! Thank you for adding me to your list 🙂

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