simple shui | first vlog EVER

January 30, 2014

i made a goal to vlog this year. and then, as if i couldn’t help myself, i promised i would post my first video in janaury.


it’s here. i procrastinated until the verrry end. and even though i’ve been super busy with clients {which is a really good excuse to put it off, right?}, my mind is a hive right now reminding me to do this thing.

so. with the new moon on my side, i am hoping some of this anxiety about “putting myself out there” will circle the cosmic drain, leaving me inspired to let loose more. you can check it out here.



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9 thoughts on “simple shui | first vlog EVER

    1. thank you, love! makes me want to happy dance that it put feng shui in a new light for you. YAY! and for your 5 easy things, i will get a post out on that next week. good? but for now, jut try moving 27 things in your space. can be big stuff or small things. shifting 27 things will invite the energy to flow in new patterns around your home. nothing stale about that! xo

  1. Really interesting and well done. Your flow and organization is great.
    You might want to change the camera angle (raise it up a bit), unless the effect of talking right into the computer is what you really want (perhaps the intimacy is what you are aiming at anyway).

    1. thanks!!! i will be playing with the wide assortment of video features available in the coming weeks + trying to get myself in the best light/angle/etc. eventually, i will get my own groove, right? appreciate your support and hope you are well!

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