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July 9, 2014

i was compiling a list recently of my top ten favorite blog posts. as I copied and pasted those links into the body of an email, i realized most had a common visual thread – each was postmarked with images of fresh flowers. i smiled. bright buds and colorful blooms make me so happy.

when I was brand new to shui, i practiced my shui + intentions by having fresh flowers in our home. mind you, it was definitely a decadent splurge for us at the time. and like many of my clients, it felt extravagant and unnecessary. i often doubted it was a good use of our money. the bundles never lasted long.

but because shui associates flowers with fresh + radiant energy and abundance + wealth, i kept buying them. i experimented with whatever was cheapest. eventually, i noticed arrangements anywhere i went. i would copy them in our home. i became familiar with the grocery stores’ selections and who had better prices on certain flora. almost 10 years later, here i am. completely certain that this seemingly small gesture and weekly investment changed our lives.

when I consider most reasons i hear to NOT buy flowers, i have an answer. and these profusions come directly from my flower gathering experiences.

1. “fresh flowers are too expensive.”

i will buy several bouquets for less than $20 often. so, here’s what I say – give it a try. before being right that they are too expensive, stroll past the buckets of flowers. when we are closed off to beauty and wealth before we even look at our options, we create that experience and outcome in our lives with everything else. decide what you can spend, and go look. shui LOVES to play this game, and my bet is there will be a bundle priced perfectly for you.


2. “i’ll wait until guests come/the holidays/i see them on sale.”

when we wait for a perfect moment, it often doesn’t come. instead, we’ve lost all the precious, plush opportunities waiting for us in the present. YOU are the reason to buy fresh flowers. today. no fancy party or good enough reason to wait. when we make excuses for celebrating life right now, we block gorgeous energy that is eager to roam and roar in our lives.


3. “i just don’t know where I’d put a vase of flowers.”

start in the kitchen – it’s a place where everyone is likely to enjoy them, and the kitchen is synonymous with prosperity. when we have beauty anchored in a space, the eye drinks it in and feeds the subconscious these delicious, delightful messages. our excuses for not buying flowers actually give us insight into what we think when we see a wild mutiny of blooms – they are extravagant; something special is happening; every day is a reason to celebrate life. those thoughts are the deposits being made in a home when mind meets showy blooms.


4. “they don’t last long enough – it’s not worth the money.”

i hear you – i really, really do. and i once would’ve nodded along. but you know what? flowers are brilliant masters teaching us to enjoy the present fully. because no two moments are the same. ever. and when we resist change to keep things the same, the energy gets stagnant and static. which is usually when people stop feeling alive and inspired – their days feel monotonous and predictable, like a rut they can’t escape. flowers are a glorious and inexpensive {consider the alternatives} way to break up energy patterns in our homes and lives.


5. “i bought flowers, but they aren’t changing anything.”

everything is energy. some things carry a high flying vibe; other things have weighty energy that pulls us down. flowers offer nourishing + refreshing + generous energy. guaranteed. even if it’s not noticeable, the air around us changes. with each sip of water and its orchestra of blossoming buds, flowers are literally moving right in front of us. and every small change sends a delightful ripple into our homes.


flowers can be punchy. or reverent. either way, they make a room come alive. and there is a brilliant connection between a bounty of fresh blooms and what shows up in our lives when we layer them in our space. so, let the excuses go. mix things up, and treat yourself + your home to a vibrant, happy bouquet today, okay? xo

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4 thoughts on “simple shui | flower power

  1. Thank you so much for this beautiful blog and all this great, easy to understand information. I am big on intention and positivity, and I can’t wait to use some of these strategies to improve the energy in my home. I am ready for abundance and joy in my personal space! I’m such a fan. Thank you!

    1. what a delightful + incredibly kind note to read — THANK YOU! so happy you enjoy simple shui + even more thrilled to hear you’re going to rock and roll some shui in your home! get ready for magic + miracles!!! xo

  2. It’s funny – I used to hate when my husband bought me flowers because they would die. I now find time to go to the flower market and make my own arrangements and love fresh flowers in my home even if they do not last long. I’ve learnt some tricks to keep it’s life a bit longer so I can hold on to it’s beauty but they are sure worth it. Beautiful post!

    1. thank you SO much — and it makes my heart flip wildly that you, too, appreciate fresh flowers. even more so because they don’t last forever. i find whenever i am in the floral section of our local grocer, i am smiling at all the possibility awaiting me. almost like a kid in a candy store — what one bundle am i going to choose for our house? thanks for sharing + i appreciate you reading the blog! xo

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