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March 2, 2017

in my early days of shui, i heard a story that went something like this…

forever ago, there was a gang of DEEP thinkers who noticed luck was something not everybody enjoyed.

they plunged into a lifelong inquiry, carefully noticing how life and the cosmos cooperated.

these philosophers realized the natural environment plays to patterns. and since they believed everything is connected, they pondered the possibilities to influence + improve one’s luck.

when a seed lands in fertile soil and that patch of land has the luck of sunshine, water, and protection, it thrives. likewise, if we plant ourselves in the best possible surroundings, we align ourselves with wealth, health, and happiness.

that’s how we get lucky.

think about it — when we plant something and it struggles, we don’t blame the plant. we consider everything else first, right? soil quality; how much water it’s getting/not getting; the amount of light it receives. . .

but when we struggle, our self-criticisms have us immediately ravaging ourselves inside out.

take a deep breath.

and ask yourself: what if everything around you is an invitation, an opportunity to guide the energy and your life toward something more positive?

this is HOW shui helps. first and foremost, shui is about empowerment – your space is an opportunity to influence what is happening in your life right now. physically. professionally. personally. PROFOUNDLY.

but like learning any new skill, it requires honest participation.

last week, i wrapped up a course on the 5 elements. and some of you are wondering if you’re “getting” it as you make new moves in your space. a few of you are doubting your own intuition — because you can’t make logical sense of HOW it helps. the cerebral is insisting on explanations.

here’s what i want to tell you:

shui is how the universe makes sense of things, and she thinks so much differently than you or i. and that’s a good thing, i promise. trust the simple, direct FEELINGS — that’s shui pulling you.

stoke the fire in your belly. it’s time to be gutsy and honest about what you do and don’t LOVE anymore. you can’t hide anything in shui, so be willing to let things go. clutter will hold you in a pattern of struggle like nothing else. if you’ve got some, you now have a starting point. dorothy parker once said, “it’s not the tragedies that kill us, it’s the messes.”

finally, surrender your need to know HOW the magic works. our gloating ego will over-promise and under-deliver. our job, as i see it, is to keep a positive attitude while staying neutral with our expectations. with that said, know the universe over-delivers if you step toward her. in all my experience, shui is how you play YOUR game and win. but you have to be willing to trust it and dive deep.

honor the process + its pace.

see the beauty already around you — and cultivate its delight daily.

and discover what shui can teach you as you walk into it. you’ve done the learning for now; it’s time to LIVE it, love.


p.s. if you don’t already, follow me here + let’s keep the element conversation going! also, i have one more stop open on my simple shui road tour, so let’s connect if you’d fancy simple shui in your nook!




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4 thoughts on “simple shui | learning vs. living shui

  1. Oh I adored this post Amanda! The beautiful story about the luck of the plant really resonated with me. I’m going to spend this lent period setting up my surroundings for success. And I’m going to stop blaming myself when I’m not growing the way I want!

    1. hello! it is SO lovely to hear from you, and thank you for the note! i am happy when anything i share lands on someone in a way that captures her attention + changes her a little for the better. so, BIG thanks to you! and please let me know what changes sprout in your *new* space — i would LOVE to hear! xo

  2. Thank you for this, I loved it! It’s way to easy to talk ourselves out of our intuition and knowing. This is a beautifully written reminder to trust our inner voice, and trust the Universe.

    1. it’s so hard to really surrender to ourselves, isn’t it? i LOVE that in today’s inter-connected world, we have so much guidance + experience on tap to draw from; however, i also suspect it makes our spirit flabby because we can be intimidated by all that wisdom, so we rarely rely on our own muscles. and after all that searching + seeking we discover, the only truth that ever mattered most was our own, don’t you think? xo

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