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January 9, 2018

a closet is about authenticity; when cluttered, self-doubts linger. so, a purge is a perfect gesture for clearing emotional residue + stepping confidently into the real YOU. first, clear everything out so the space is bare + wipe down every corner/shelf/baseboard. vacuum or sweep. once it’s minty fresh, howl your intentions like a wolf! before anything goes back, pay attention to what you LOVE – which is a feeling, not a thought. if something no longer represents/resonates with you, resist the mental negotiation. our creative life flourishes when we honor who we are becoming. align your energy with who you FEEL you are + let go of what isn’t YOU.

and then. . .

if your new year YOU fancies CAREER opportunities, give your closet a VP sweep: what is the attire for the job you desire? keep that or make space for its arrival. what doesn’t match your coveted role? consider donating it. spruce up your VP lounge with wooden hangers. not only will this turn your closet into a well-suited space, the WOOD element is the epitome of branching out + sprouting new growth!

if your new year YOU will be networking like a BOSS, take quick inventory of colors hanging around. black (a staple in many wardrobes) suggests we aren’t as open to connecting. don’t ditch the black; rather, make an effort (in tandem with your intention) to wear brighter colors, like buzzworthy blues, can’t-stop-won’t-stop reds, check-me-out yellows, plucky oranges, or blaze-me-up pinks — anything that fires up yo’ soul! as for shoes, do they all face the same way, or are they shelved haphazardly? get a consistent look — all toes facing the door OR the wall, and your migratory pattern will change, taking you new directions!

if your new year YOU is pursuing better HEALTH, yang (yank) up the energy. hang a crystal in the closet to reflect + radiate whatever light it catches. if you have the wall space, display metaphors of thriving health — whatever that *looks* like to you. it could be photography of lush landscapes; a favorite sport’s equipment in a dedicated space, ready for action at any moment; or a fresh coat of paint on the walls in a color you LOVE.

if your new year YOU is looking for LOVE, dedicate space here for a partner. literally. bring in some hangers + leave them empty; clear out a drawer or two for his/her stuff; make room for your lover’s arrival — the universe will sniff the hint! also, sizzle it up with the FIRE element: spice up the lingerie drawer; bring in fiery colors, like reds + pinks + animal prints (purrrr); or remedy a corner or shelf with something you + your lovah-lovah will do together!

a little effort now, and your previous new years will have never looked as good as twenty eighteen!

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