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December 20, 2017
if you haven’t been following the simple shui tips + news flashes over on Alexa + Amazon, i would definitely put that on my New Year resolution list because the getting is good and getting even better! this week, i shared a process to de-clutter the living room relatively quickly. in the season of high-spirited celebrations + merrymaking, this simple pre-party shui sweep leaves you plenty of time to put on that sparkly dress! so, you ready, party people?
  1. divide your living space into 4 quadrants. does one look more cluttered or out of balance than the others? if so, begin there.
  2. grab a box, and remove every other thing (not holiday related, if the house is festively dressed) from the shelves and tables. side note: if you’re struggling with fatigue and overwhelm on the daily, keep that little box of goods tucked away for a week. too much stuff in a room can be a slow but steady juice drain. after one week’s reprieve, only return what you would buy again.
  3. sift through those piles of books + magazines. if it unleashes high octane happiness, keep it. but if it barely registers a pulse, get rid of it. when we hoard other people’s thoughts and ideas, we have a murky time discerning our own inner wisdom. so, let it go and your voice will flow!
  4. finally, quickly dust the area.
  5. go back to step 1, and repeat through the remaining 3 quadrants.
  6. BONUS TIP: simmer some orange rinds + cloves + cinnamon while you shimmy around — it’s the motivation brew that keeps our energy percolating!


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