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August 28, 2017

with school back in sesh + september swaying this way, how about a little shui Q and A for your monday musing? i particularly LOVE this question because it personally resonates deeply. as someone who likes to be ‘doing’ instead of ‘being’, i am constantly stumbling into something my first shui mentor, Ellen Whitehurst, told me. “the universe is only seeing you give so it gives you more things to do. you must take care of yourself, and it will send a message to the universe ‘I LOVE MYSELF’ and i am open to receiving more LOVE.” ahhh, so that’s how it works — noted. until i forget again. . .

so, if you relate or this is you right now, today’s Q is a must-read.

Q: i have some resistance to receiving and like to do everything the hard way – more “do it myself” rather than ask for help. i’d like to explore a more receptive, soft, feminine approach to life and just see what happens … any ideas for rituals or practices to use around this? anything that’s worked for you?

we use metaphor to nurture and co-create the experiences + changes we’d life to manifest. so, look for ways to incorporate feminine (not girlish, necessarily. softer, quieter but equally powerful, receptive) accents in your surroundings, especially in the bedroom. perhaps splurge on luxurious sheets – we spend enough time in bed, it deserves to be a favorite feeling. and a bed is all about surrendering to stillness, sleep, and sensuality, right? i simply cannot say this enough — the closer we are to something, the more important its influence! so YES, the sheets are worth it!

another possibility: the left side of a home {if you are standing at the door looking in} represents feminine energy, and it is a great place to anchor that divine energy. consider adding a goddess or feminine deity here – this could be a statue, image, or book. any one of those would boost feminine receptive energies. personally, Quan Yin reigns the left side of our yard!

one last thought: display a photo/artwork of a vast landscape – this speaks to Earth energy, and Mother Earth shows us how to receive + nurture + support life. if any of these suggestions resonate, try it – each one embodies Earth energy, and Earth energy is the connective tissue to trusting + accepting LOVE + receiving everything we deserve.

happy monday, loves!



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