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May 14, 2014

lucky me, i was invited to jam on shui over here last week.

and it was a deliciously fun call.

so many great Q’s and not nearly enough time.

i had a few pages of notes ready to rock what shui really means. . .

with gentle reminders that a good life is not about having more. it’s about becoming more.

in due prep for this call, i reviewed my notes + consults from years gone by. and i noticed a theme.

i am too overwhelmed by all the clutter and have no idea where to even begin.

to which i might say. . .

where is your attention being tugged? because that space is likely corresponding to something in your life you really want to change. i encourage clients {all the time} to lean into their intuitive impulses and start there. instead of wrapping words around HOW shui works, just trust your feelings. because even if you don’t understand, your house does + it’s leading you to a solution.


and if every corner screams for your attention, what is your most dominant feeling right now?

based on your answer, here are some places you might want to begin:

the front door is where opportunity finds you. what is yours saying?

closets, when cluttered, reflect our inability to deal with unfinished business. clutter is postponed decision making.

when a kitchen is overcome by clutter, it suggests overwhelm for taking care of others. and there is usually resentment simmering just under the surface.

a messy desk can mean feeling overextended with a fear of letting things go.

if a bedside table is a mess, there is a desire to get away. and it’s not uncommon to feel a perpetual roadblock when trying to make changes.

when there is chaos behind the door, it speaks to stifled emotions.

hiding stuff under furniture often means there is a concern over appearances.

overburdened attics tend to create a feeling of additional weight on the shoulders while a burgeoning basement says there is difficulty progressing forward.

and chaos in the garage is synonymous with procrastination — it may even signal urgent matters are turning into crises.

when everything is cloaked in clutter, it is common to feel overwhelmed, angry, and in denial.

there is a chinese proverb that says the person who moves a mountain begins by carrying small stones.

so, instead of de-cluttering an entire house in a weekend, identify the most acute source of frustration. and that space becomes your starting point. the beautiful thing about shui is simply cleaning + rearranging even the smallest space allows refreshments into your life. the vibrational quality of your house shifts + your energy is revitalized. and pretty soon, there is a balanced energy slaloming through your home.

when we hold onto stuff we don’t need, use, or even want, we are really saying we don’t think life will get better. i think you deserve something much better than that — don’t you? start small, reclaim your space + trust your instincts, and i promise, you will fall in love with your life. xo

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11 thoughts on “simple shui | Q & A

  1. We have been decluttering for almost a year and there seems to be no end in site. We have so much JUNK! Now we are remodeling 1/2 the house and had to move everything to the other side of the house. In the process I found that our level of clutter of old, unneeded stuff had grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years. I am hoping that when we move back in that we can loose perhaps 1/2 of what we own. Do you give any guidance on closet design?

    1. It will feel like the biggest breath of fresh air EVER when you’ve let that forgotten stuff go and move into the renovated space. There will be so much flow + high flying lucky energy — enjoy that! As for closet design, I haven’t ever outlined or designed the structure for one so I might not be the best resource. However, if you are looking for guidance on how to organize it all, that is my super power. Haha! Just let me know.

  2. I just have to tell you how beautiful that was to read… Thank you so much. I ‘ve only just discovered your site through Mind Body Green and I think you are exceptional.

    1. thank you SO much! it was a delight to be featured on MBG + a thrill to connect with its audience. and i absolutely appreciate your kind words. they put a BIG smile on my face — a thousand thanks!

  3. Thank you for this post, it is so helpful to see the reason why we collect clutter in our physical space. I shared this with my friends! ~Sarah

    1. BIG thanks — both for the read + generous sharing! i appreciate your kind comments SO much and LOVE that simple shui is being welcomed into more homes! YAY!

  4. Just came across your blog via Mind Body Green, and I’m so excited! I also just finished reading the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, so everything is pointing me towards decluttering and feng shui.

    I have been feeling suddenly ‘weighed down’ as of late. I couldn’t figure out what it was – amongst some more emotional things I have been dealing with, I do know that part of what will help me is decluttering my physical space, getting rid of things I no longer need, want, or like. You saying that by holding on to certain items is like saying we “don’t think life will get better… i think you deserve something much better than that — don’t you?” really resonates with me, so thanks one thousand times! xx

    1. hello, and thank you SO much for stopping by! i LOVE hearing stories of shui + its considerations opening new doors, so your note delights me! de-cluttering is one of the simplest ways to change our vibrational patterns + the energy in our space. so, if you have some pockets to clear, watch for little synchronicities — because as you let stuff go, new things will blossom in your life. and, YES, i believe we ALL deserve a life that gets better! let me know how the process goes! BIG love to you! xo

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