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February 25, 2015

no matter the reason we arrive at shui’s shore, there is usually a familiar undercurrent – we’ve lost momentum somewhere in our lives. and we just want that delicious flow back.

one of those detours is divorce. and it’s a steady conversation i find myself in with readers and clients.

who ask questions like…

how do i space clear after a divorce? {is it the same process you share in your video?}

can space clearing remove all the resentment? and what if we are still living together?

what are your thoughts about the furniture we shared?

while my answers vary depending on the nuances of each experience, i also rely on a few simple suggestions to reassure a home is harnessing calm vibes on their behalf.

so, if this is YOU, let’s start there, shall we?

sage is powerful. burning it alleviates heavy emotional residue that we just can’t shake, no matter how hard we’ve tried. as its smoke wafts through the air, i encourage you hold the highest intention of LIGHT + LOVE for everyone in the house, regardless of your shared history or stories. this technique isn’t to force forgiveness or resolution; it’s simply clearing space for something better to arrive in your lives, including good feelings and restorative clarity.



{1} open a few windows daily, even if it’s just for a short spell. wild grace {you know, that whoosh of an intoxicatingly fresh breeze} clears the air figuratively + literally – the perfect prescription if you two are still under the same roof.

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{2} when the situation feels remorselessly negative, put out a bowl of sea salt for 24 hours. after 24 hours, toss the salt in an outside trash. salt possesses powerful cleansing properties, soaking up negative vibes. it’s easy + cheap + SUPER effective to use as often as needed.

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{3} if you are still sleeping on the mattress once shared, buy a new one soon. until you replace it, sage your bed and buy new sheets. soft hues of pinks + greens are good for heartbreaks; however, any new bedding in a color you LOVE will work irresistible wonders.

{4} as for the great divide of furniture, be selective about what you keep. if we look at a piece of furniture or decor and our first thought wraps us into a negative story, we deposit its wonky energy in our space. setting up a *new* house is an expensive + exhaustive endeavor — so, starting over from scratch isn’t necessary. however, we can choose those things with the least amount of emotional density first. and for everything else that must come along? sage, baby, sage.

{5} resentment carves out nasty energetic patterns, but here is some simple shui abracadabra: move things around and you’ll soon be strumming to a new rhythm. resist the urge to over-complicate this task. all you need to do is merely push the bed a couple inches to the left or right, switch some lamps around, bump books to a new shelf, or rearrange the closet. small adjustments {paired with your intention} equal BIG steps forward.

{6} if you’re staying in the house post-divorce, make changes that suggest a fresh start – paint the walls, fancy up the decor with new textures + comforts, embellish with colors you LOVE…find little ways to launch some joy in your home. and, until you feel settled, ring your doorbell once a day as this will claim the space as all your own.


{7} when you aren’t home, play music. classical compositions or calming tunes instill energetic integrity and benevolence while you’re away.

{8} finally, clear any clutter you have lingering from your marriage. think: anything monogrammed, wedding/anniversary gifts, photos from unhappier moments…

what do want most for yourself now? you keep what resonates with your answer. release the rest. and pace this process with gentle persistence + brutal honesty.

any of these starting points will unleash little synchronicities. so, give thanks for those *coincidences* as they percolate because that’s an acknowledgement of your efforts. and pay attention to where your energy tugs you – don’t waste that golden hunch questioning it. instead, offer your hand and follow intuition’s lead. because she knows the way to higher ground.



{all the space clearing tips + techniques mentioned in my video will absolutely help, so if they resonate + leave you inspired, trust yourself to use them whenever you feel the need.}

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