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October 9, 2013

i am so stuck. stuck. stuck. this was absolutely the perfect thing for me to read. i now just need to find the energy to start the process, which should be your next post — how to find the energy to get unstuck.

you know i love your Q’s so let’s go there, okay?

a cornerstone of feng shui is EVERYTHING IS ENERGY.

living, non-living, and anything in between.  E V E R Y T H I N G. capice?

high vibrations are healthy, radiant, and empowering. they are are mega-watt energy and charisma.

low vibrations are heavy and impeding. and when left unaddressed, they can cause a slump. a perpetual bump in the road.

think of any project or decision you’ve procrastinated or postponed because you lack enthusiasm. dwell in that feeling for a few seconds, and you know what i am talking about, right? low vibes are that UGH feeling. and it is an energy vampire.

shui is a reciprocal practice. if you feel stuck, chances are your house is manifesting that energy pattern somewhere. and if your house feels out of balance, you probably carry that feeling, too. either way, your energy is diminished. two shui ways we cultivate self-renewing mojo are through our personal choices + environmental anchors.


1. make your body + health + spirit a priority.

i know this is cliché advice (!), but next week i’ll share how i did/do this. because once your body feels good, you effortlessly attract brighter people + refreshing synchronicity into your life. your physical energy shifts into a higher octave by simply adding a few smart choices into your daily routine.

2. use chi enhancers around your home.

whenever i write about fresh mums at the door or salt cleanses or rocks in plant pots, these are examples of how i shore up positive chi around our home.

what is chi? it is flow. and when you are in the flow of universal energy, you feel snappy, dynamic, and ready to keep the beat.


here is a list of chi enhancers for your home so it reciprocates a mighty surge of love + light + energy back to you. any single one stimulates juicy vibes, nourishing you + your space, when done with intention.

crystals — man-made or natural. they reflect light, causing energy to circulate around a room.


lighting — lamps + chandeliers + ceiling fixtures, candles, and natural sunlight. light rounds out corners and breathes life into dark spaces. it illuminates and lifts energy upward. and it lightens moods.


living things — fresh flowers, plants, and animals. each creates a sense of companionship.


mirrors — often considered the aspirin of shui, the bigger a mirror, the better its shui (except in bedrooms). mirrors relate to self-esteem. and when they reflect beauty, they double that experience in our lives.

nature — rocks, seashells, natural quartz, driftwood. whatever you select, there is likely an association between you + that element. so, it holds that personal energy within your space.

sound makers — music, instruments, wind chimes. since YOU are the most important shui factor, LOVE the sound you choose. if you do, it calls forth very fortunate energy.


water features — birdbaths, fountains, aquariums, waterfalls. water is the real deal life force so having it in a home creates an oasis of refreshment and flow.


wind dancers — wind chimes, mobiles, flags, weather vanes. wind is known as wild chi. and the only way to harness invisible energy is to use something that captures it, letting it meander and pool in our presence.


art — paintings, textiles, sculptures, displays/arrangements. CONTENT IS EVERYTHING. look at your art and ask what it says, how it makes you feel, what emotion(s) you have around it. if you like to feel the way you describe your art, it stays. otherwise, consider something new.

colors — use the ones you LOVE wherever and however you fancy.


even though this is a simple beginning into chi enhancers, it pretty much sums up why i LOVE shui. because when you go with LOVE and give shui your full commitment, it adds a dose of ka-pow! to your home + life + everything you are here to offer the world. and with that kind of energy, anything is possible.

thanks for the Q. keep ’em coming — i really do love answering them! and if you would like a personal consult on using chi in your space, consider a mini shui 1:1 me!


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5 thoughts on “simple shui | q & a

  1. thank you sweet amanda. i needed this, we just moved back to MI and into a new home. i thought i was so tired from the move but i think trying to figure out the energy of this new house is mostly my problem… ugh. i can’t wait to try some of your suggestions. as always, you are the best:)

    1. i know that feeling too well — and have to remind myself i LOVE technology and what it does for me. haha! thank you SO much for sending your kind compliment. i LOVE what i do, and when readers enjoy it, that makes my soul leap with joy! BIG thanks! xo

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