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March 5, 2014

if i kept a top three list of most frequently asked Q’s, this one would be a strong contender:

what are the feng shui guidelines to beds and windows? is it not good to have your headboard against the window — better against a wall, right?

bed placement is one of those feng shui *rules* that has grown wings of its own, causing small stress tremors wherever it lands. while there are power positions for your bed, i want to emphasize two things:

(1) what you LOVE always outranks any shui suggestion.

(2) even if your bed is not in the *best* position, there are things you can do to mitigate its placement in your favor.

and with that, here is an order of bed arrangements for your consideration:

the best space for a bed is along a solid wall with no doors or windows. ideally, this space also allows you to see anyone coming through the door. and, the bed is not in alignment with the doorway — you enter the room and easily walk across without the bed blocking you.

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the next best position for a bed is along a wall with windows. however, the windows are not above the headboard or bed. everything else mentioned above would remain the same.

a less favorable position is when the bed shares a wall with the doorway. since you must turn to see who comes in the door, it can create an anxious feeling of “not knowing what’s around the corner.”

other less favorable positions are when a window is above the headboard/bed or when the bed is in alignment with the door, blocking you from walking across the room.

the weakest position (and the one everyone seems familiar with} is when the foot of a bed faces the door.

{deep breaths.}

here is the spin on why bed placement is so important. we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed so shui recognizes it as a power spot, which is why there is an emphasis on getting your bed in the command position, if possible. {when i say command position, think like a mafia boss — he is usually in the back corner of a room with a wall behind him and a full view.}

a solid wall offers support in life.

a view of the doorway subconsciously makes us feel safer which allows real restoration when we sleep.

and by moving out of line with the energy coming through the door, we diminish that frenzied feeling of “running into things” in life.

all this said, our homes weren’t built with feng shui considerations. so, it is common to have a room with only one designated spot for a bed that doesn’t fit good feng shui. however, there are several ways to balance out any *negative* influences caused by bed arrangement.

should your bed sit in a less favorable position, here are my few suggestions worth a whirl:

red tape is a wonderful shui tool i use all the time. the color red activates energy, draws attention, or stops energy — it just depends on your intention. so, when windows are along the same wall and/or above a bed, i place a strip of red tape in the window frame to keep energy from leaking out. if a bed blocks access through the room, i use red tape inside the bed frame to redirect the energy around the bed. finally, when the foot of a bed is in line with the door, i recommend a foot board or small piece of furniture to stabilize energy flow.

as with any client, i encourage you to consider these bed placements and move your room around, or try a cure instead. it may sound woo-woo now, but give your efforts a few weeks and watch what happens! and if you feel even more perplexed after reading this, send me your Q. i can tweak almost any room in a snap! just like that. xo

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10 thoughts on “simple shui | Q & A

  1. The absolute bed placement of my bed in my bedroon is under the window (headboard at the window) which leave no choice of the bedroom door right in the direct pathway of my bed. I have chosen the decor of my bedroom to be simple and all white. What is your suggestion?

    1. thanks for the Q!
      let me ask you this — how do you feel in your room? do you LOVE it? do you wake rested? do you sleep well?
      sometimes, when we LOVE the arrangement, that matters more than a good shui suggestion.
      however, if you feel drained in the morning or restless at night, there are a few things you can do.
      (1) use a strip of red tape INSIDE the window frame to help neutralize the energy pull.
      (2) if room allows, place even a simple basket (or bench) at the foot of the bed to create a barrier between you + the door. if there isn’t any room, consider using the tape somewhere inside the bed frame or even on the underside of the box spring.
      let me know if these suggestions make sense.
      good luck! xo

  2. Hi!
    I am confused about bed placement in my new bedroom. I just moved my bedroom as I need to be in the room with entrance to walkup attic,since my partner moved out to live on her own for a year of solo spiritual development, and I am renting our old bedroom to female student for year. I love this new bedroom, but my sleep is terrible( its been a week) According to my gua 6 my head is facing favorable west position- Also where I have the bed is against the only full wall I have in the bedroom. The other possibilities have door to attic, closet or windows and diagonally feels to tight in the 12 x12 room.
    Do you have any helpful ideas or cures? Thankyou so Much!

  3. Hi! I just moved into a new apartment and I am trying to find the best possible fit for the placement of my bed in the small space. I truly only have two choices for bed placements- both of which are unfavorable. Either my headboard is placed under a large window and my feet are pointed towards the door, or my bed is placed parallel to the doorway. Please help!

    1. hello, lana! and thanks for the email! so, easy fixes for either scenario.

      option 1: if you put the bed under the window, take a piece of red tape and run int in the window well with the intention of keeping energy from seeping out while you sleep. sounds WOO and half-baked, but it works like a charm. red electrical tape is what i use, but any red tape will do. as for your feet pointing to the door, does your bed have a foot board? if so, voila! no worries. if not, do you have room for a bench or trunk — anything that would separate your bed from being the thing closest to the door? if both of these are a NO, then run some red tape along the foot end of the bed frame — again, with the same intention of blocking energy from rushing into the bedroom.

      option 2: one other way to make sure energy isn’t coming directly at you whether your feet are facing the door or the bed is parallel to the door is to guide the energy. so, hang some fantastic art on the wall or place something beautiful on a dresser//bedside table that draws the eye to it the minute you enter the room. basically, you are luring the eye to be tempted to look somewhere else first rather than looking directly at the bed. energy goes where the eye goes + this will work wonders for keeping energy balanced and moving gently through your space.

      hope this helps, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! xo

  4. Thank you for the advice. The only location for my bed is facing the door. I have several windows, two closets and a fireplace in my bedroom. I have been very concerned about this. I would try a small trunk or chaise at the foot of my bed.

    1. here’s what i recommend. start with the small trunk or chaise at the foot of the bed. notice the difference it makes. oftentimes, when we are in the direct line of energy, we feel exhausted or depleted of our own energy, even if we’ve slept. if you want to take it a shui step further, place a line of red tape in the window wells. this keeps energy from seeping out all night while you sleep. i’d LOVE to hear if this helps, and good luck! xo

  5. hi, i’m interested in your advices for our bedroom position right now….Our bed had no headboard and it is located below the window we lie with a window above our head with an aircon unit beside the window..then when we enter the room ,to open the door on the right way and so with our bed n the right side of the room, opposite of the bed is dressing cabinet…how’s any goodluck on this room please..thank you.

    1. if you have red tape, place a strip of it inside the window well — this will ‘block’ energy from seeping out. windows + doors are portals for energy, so when we sleep under one, it can sometimes affect how well-rested we feel. if you don’t have red tape, feel free to use a red marker or even tape down some red ribbon. and then watch for any changes/improvements over the next several days. hope this helps! xo

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