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July 24, 2015

sometimes, when it seems nothing is quite jiving, it’s best to let the universe steer for a while.

that was my prescription last week as i headed to santa fe.


a girls’ retreat with my favorite wanderlusters, filled to the brim with loose laughter and rhythmic conversation, massaged my mind into relaxation. . .

and while surrendering to the spa delights + taking in the natural splendor around us, i found my language for reinterpreting energy in our homes widening.

so, while these nuggets are santa fe inspired, they’re also simple shui approved.

1. take pictures of ordinary things in your house. our vibration changes when we seek out their beauty. and there is such simple wisdom in our sweet mundane. it all speaks to our thoughts + beliefs and how our well-being is being influenced at a subtle frequency.


2. commit to one act of beauty often. light candles. buy flowers. soak in a salty bath. create a nook all for yourself and keep it cozy. when we show ourselves LOVE, we resonate with higher vibes. and those good vibes bring company!

3. move around. and don’t let your things get stale. challenge yourself to try something new. because when we get fresh, it changes the flavor of energy meandering through our home. and that keeps our senses tingling and our days vibrant.


4. pick a big task. one that feels out of reach but exciting. write it down. don’t scope out the HOW. instead, let that intention layer in your space creatively. and be open to the clues, honoring them when they arrive, and that will lead to those crazy opportunities for manifesting it.


5. splurge once a year on something for your house. it quenches that familiar thirst that comes with ruts that were once grooves.


with crystals and saints and free-flowing vibes everywhere, it was easy to soak up the life radiating energy in santa fe. but coming home, i am reminded of how there is so much potential dancing around me right here. and right now. with a little effort daily, we can spark that natural illumination and sacred inspiration within us.



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