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September 13, 2016

essential oils are a staple in my shui practice and our home. and when this blog began forever-and-a-day-ago, i spent plenty of posts gushing about oils. it was a little before their moment – oils weren’t really in the current of daily conversation – so the topic fell out of my blog loop. however, they remained a constant in our home + health. we’ve treated everything from pneumonia to hashimoto’s to anxiety with success, and i like keeping that kind of confidence within reach.

so, when Infinity Jars asked if i’d feature them on simple shui, it was an organic YES. oils are an expensive investment – they deserve equivalent tools to maximize all their various uses, including the assortment of homemade blends + tinctures recipes i LOVE concocting. with that yes, i was curious if these bottles would stand up to the supplies i’d been using.

Infinity Jars sent me a glass dropper bottle and a glass roller bottle – two items i use pretty regularly – to try out.

when my bottles arrived, the first thing i loved was the deep-violet glass. it is both sleek + sophisticated – a nice respite from the amber brown typically used for oils. after reading more, i learned ancient Egyptians invented deep violet glass to preserve their precious oils + herbs in tombs. so cleopatra-ish!


the next thing i noticed was the screw-top lids are completely airtight. when i travel, my oils {unfortunately} are vulnerable to coming undone. and while the fragrant greeting when opening my bag is lovely, i don’t relish the costly waste. {same goes for a few of my lotions + face products.} for future travel, these airtight seals will be a delightful addition to my stash.

and because our well-being is always worth spending more money on, i am evangelical about quality over quantity. so, i LOVE that the integrity of my oils + products are guaranteed to be protected for over 6 months {and in some instances up to 2 years} in these jars. in the natural supplements + holistic world, it’s easy to hear {empty} promises about quality – so i respect a company willing to stand and deliver on their products.

the dropper is now at home in my shui bag, perfect for holding the frankincense i use in space clearings + house blessings. the roller made its way into a lovely’s repertoire, housing her peaceful child* blend. and to my delight, both are getting plenty of use!

it’s not in my wheelhouse to promote goods on my blog; however, this intersects with the tools i use to cultivate our well-being + shui + home. and with the growing familiarity of oils + their uses, it felt like a good bridge to build for those who LOVE oils as much as i do. so, if you’re in the market for a few new bottles or jars that will help perpetuate your essential oil habits, shake a tail feather over to Infinity Jars and feast on their selection!




when fear + stress + anxiety collide into our kids, it can create the perfect storm. we went through this several years ago, and i was lucky enough to have a holistic practitioner in my life who helped me navigate my little to higher ground. what i witnessed with this blend was an almost immediate calming + stabilizing effect – the mental chatter eased, and she was able to get back to her center. the trick with this blend, i have found, is its best used daily {for us} as a preventative rather than an oil to manage those feverish behaviors. all oils below are doTERRA – a company i LOVE and have been with since 2007.

85 drops Vetiver

30 drops Ylang Ylang

20 drops Frankincense

20 drops Lavender

15 drops Clary Sage

10 drops Marjoram

combine all the oils in a roller or a spritzer, and swirl them around so they combine. add an equal part of coconut oil to the mixture, give it another swirl, and your blend is ready! i spray this blend either down her back or at the base of her neck. you could also rub it on the bottom of feet. she uses this once a day around bedtime; however, during times of heightened anticipation + worry, we will use it 2-3 times a day.


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