simple shui | incense 101

a couple months ago, Well + Good reached out to me for an interview and we talked all things incense. the conversation was a treat because it combined two of my favorite things: an understanding of every room’s power + purpose AND my daily use of scents (via incense, essential oils, and plants) to curate + cultivate nutritive vibes around us.

so, how about we open that vault and i give you all the things we discussed so you can grab yourself a few sticks or scents to keep the air clear and energy in high gear as we wrap 2017?

Kitchen: when we fill our kitchen with food and conversation, the universe delights in our irrepressible dance of resources. and our intentions to feed ourselves and others literally shapes what we manifest – which translates into the convergence of more wealth in our lives. so, to keep the company coming back, a few good sticks to keep handy include: Frankincense, Pine, Cedar, Sage, Palo Santo, or Bergamot.


Living Room: this space is a gathering spot — and when it’s garnished with love notes of our personalities, life has a tendency to go well and feel good for all. however, if the room is energetically cluttered, those low vibes have a plucky tendency to show up in our conversations + interactions with our loved ones. so, keep the air quality clear with these scents: Cedar, Sage, Vetiver, Rosemary, or Eucalyptus.


Bedroom: we spend a third of our lives in bed, so if any room deserves our whole-heartedness, this is it. as a guide, let these three words shapeshift your sacred space: sleep, sensuality, and stillness. everything else – work, exercise, even the TV – is a torrent interfering with our reservoir for rejuvenation. to put self-care back in the air, grab a stash of any of these sticks: Vetiver, Sandalwood, Lavender, Juniper, or Palo Santo.


Bathroom: even though bathrooms often get bad press when it comes to feng shui, they play an essential role in our well-being. and since they both begin and end our days, they deserve to be cared for like a sanctuary, too. so whether you wield your daily intentions as you get ready for the day here OR you settle into the evening with a long soak and silence, any of these scents are ready to take you to higher ground: Pine, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Juniper, or Yerba Santa.


Frankincense: Frankincense is a personal favorite. it is a spiritual warrior, kin to prayer and protection. whether you burn its resin or spritz the essential oil through your house, frankincense beautifully penetrates the air and encourages intense energies to move along. Bottom line: when in doubt, use frank.

Pine: Pine is a pro at eradicating unwanted odors; it also is a very protective and nurturing scent. Use it to feel empowered and invigorated.

Cedar: Cedar is nature’s signature scent – it’s both rich and woody. Its notes root us to the earth’s grounding energy, making it an excellent choice when bringing people together. Use it to revive you mind, body, and spirit.

Sage: Sage has the dynamic ability to make quick changes – an excellent choice for removing unwanted vibes. Use it to transform energy and invite change.

Palo Santo: Palo Santo – or holy wood – has been used since ancient times to purify space. Use it as part of a daily ritual to get energy moving and bring good fortune your way.

Bergamot: Bergamot creates a feeling of freshness, joy, and energy. It is powerfully pervasive and can eliminate many unwanted odors. Use it to relieve stress or anxiety; or use it to simply lift your aura.

Vetiver: Vetiver eases tensions because it is a grounding, calming scent. It helps us stay calm, cool, collected. Use it to enhance concentration or gain clarity.

Rosemary: Rosemary is both healing and clarifying, and it is a great aroma to stimulate recall and memory. Use it to re-establish healthy energy and restore well-being.

Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus is a purifying and delightful mix of sweet and camphorous – an ideal remedy when our well-being requires a little TLC. Use it to lessen tension and breathe easier.

Sandalwood: Sandalwood helps us feel calm and mentally focused. Use it to claim a moment of peace and harmony.

Lavender: Lavender will always reign as the tranquil peace-maker, day or night. Use it to promote relaxation +/or drowsiness.

Juniper: Juniper is both purifying and curates sacred space in its wake. Use it to disinfect unwanted energies +/or clear your mind of worry.

Yerba Santa: Yerba Santa purifies and protects our space, both physically and energetically. Use it to hold better boundaries.

simple shui | happy halloween

if you haven’t joined the simple shui™ party happening on alexa + amazon, it’s time to moonwalk over and join me! i am sharing shui tricks + treats + truths you want! you need!! you can’t live without – haha!!! so, how about a whiff of the shui being served daily  – and just in time for Halloween!

this ditty i found in my notes from a call years ago with my mentor and friend, ellen. once upon a time, my lovelies would be so scared to go out on Halloween night, so she told me to send them trick-or-treating with a favorite piece of clothing underneath their costumes. simple and it reinforces feeling safe from all the things going bump in the night! if you want to mom-ify this a little more, encourage yours to choose something in a light color to balance out the dark palette and gestures of this holiday.

salt is one of nature’s most yang elements – and it offers protection from unwanted energy. so, whether it is at a festive party or on Halloween night, salt is a good thing to have on hand when good and questionable energies collide. instead of simply leaving bowls of salt out, however, let’s make this more glamorous. use himalayan salt candle holders to set the mood and keep negative ions (nature’s feel good vibes!) floating through the air! #winwinwin

wealth begins with a consciousness of abundance. you have to see it to receive it, so use the excuse of candy season to stock up on + hand out gold covered chocolate coins! how’s that for delicious and auspicious?

yang energy creates movement and action – so, it can speed up what we are seeking to manifest in our lives. and if you’re a destination spot for trick-or-treaters, your house will be the lucky recipient of super duper yang energy. however, if there is clutter in your space, it will absorb that reinvigorated energy that knows how to move you in new directions – opportunities + adventures + LOVE. what to do? give your house a quick clean before the doorbell rings and the good energy bling will be all yours!

finally, this simple shui™ tip has mileage all year long, lovies! after any holiday travel or vacation, you want to yank up (yang up) energy in your house. when we are away, the energy in our space gets quiet, settled, and a little too still because nothing is happening. upon your return, make like a gust of wind and turn the faucets on; open the windows; tune into some music; and stoke the stove or oven to get energy back on her feet and moving on your behalf. a quick on + off is all you need to wake the space up! remember, moving energy equals prosperous energy, so this shui guarantees high fives + smiles 8 days a week!


simple shui | what’s new, alexa?

back in july, an email hit my inbox:

“we’re excited to announce that we just launched the first FENG SHUI tips for Amazon Echo — Alexa Skill. our intuition is you are likely to become the MARTHA STEWART of feng shui given your mainstream approach to what is a complicated learning process, and we have a passion to share your message!”

[cue me happy dancing and all-the-teeth grinning.]

a couple conversations + a few months later, and it’s FINALLY official. simple shui™ is now featured over on amazon’s echo via alexa!


if you want to check it out, go to your Amazon Echo Alexa app –> enable AYRIAL news –> ask Alexa for your flash briefing –> VOILA!

and if you want even more (and i hope you do!), go to AYRIAL on iTunes to hear yours truly on their latest featured podcast!

in the coming weeks + months, you’ll hear simple shui holiday tips + articles + more podcasts, so get your Alexa ready and simple shui will stream your way like magic! 


simple shui |creating mental magic

when i was a newbie to shui, i obsessed over the feng shui map. i mean, it shows my house has a wealth corner – and if i change that area, mo’ money will fall into my life? what are we waiting for?

so, i ran circles around that area, painstakingly executing every cure i thought would help. and you know what? a few worked like a charm. but i was always left with a residual feeling i wasn’t getting full-strength results. because no matter the book or approach i followed, i would ignore a good chunk of shui.

like the elements — water, wood, fire, earth, and metal.

time travel with me to present day, and i don’t rely on the shui map quite the same anymore. instead, i start with the elements. . .

consider the yin/yang of the space. . .

definitely pump up the chi/energy. . .

and then my cadence roams into the shui map.


well, the elements matter. BIG.

fresh flowers + wood element + water element + simple + feng shui


when i am listening to a client’s story/objectives, i get a sense of what elements are out of balance by my client’s descriptions. for instance, if someone talks about anger issues, i know there is probably too much wood expressed in her environment. or if someone can’t make a decision and feels “wishy-washy,” i know we need to drain some of the water being expressed in his surroundings. if someone feels extremely shy, there might not be enough fire in the environment. elements all have emotional characteristics — and our human emotions are often symptomatic of what element(s) is in/out of balance.


candles + fire element + earth element + wood element + simple + feng shui


bottom line: the elements all like to be together in a space — when they are in balance + equally present, our nervous systems relax + our well-being thrives. and that changes what’s happening for us by a couple octaves.

so, from now on, think of the shui map like a game board. it is exciting + challenging + promises so much potential. but without the game pieces – the cards, the dice, the players – it’s not the same barrel of fun, right?

when we come to shui, we usually want help manifesting something external. however, that longing or desire is coming from within – it is a feeling informing that request.

and feelings, m’loves, are where the elements can rock your world. trip the lights. and leave you high on your own supply.

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p.s. and if you really want to be ahead of the game, check out my workbooks! when we understand the influence of LOVE and clutter in our space. . .  and when we know how to clear energetic debris. . .  we create the best possible environment for our shui cures to spin gold!


simple shui | a few bedroom moves everyone should know

if you’re not getting along famously with your bedroom, it’s time. everything is energy + everything is connected. and when we desire any improvement in our lives – that coveted promotion, a little extra va-voom to workout, a thick-as-thieves social circle, or even establishing beyoncé-like boundaries for ourselves – this space deserves to be your main squeeze.

as a practitioner, i know how protective we are about our private spaces and not wanting to reveal what’s behind the closed door:

i didn’t make my bed this morning.

it is a laundry/work/clutter minefield in there.

the kids built a fort and moved in – we still haven’t cleaned it up.

if chaos is loose in the bedroom, it’s likely there are disruptions percolating in your life. why? a bedroom is where we are most vulnerable. this is where we sleep; express ourselves sensually; and if we are lucky, seek refuge when we need an escape from the battalion of daily demands.

however, when we funnel our resources exclusively to the social areas of our home, it’s a good indicator we care more about the people around us than we do ourselves. and if we don’t prioritize ourselves, why should others?

we all are familiar with airplane etiquette – put on your mask first; then your child’s, right? same scenario. we cannot possibly attract twice as nice circumstances if we don’t give ourselves the necessary attention {and compassion} of being fully refreshed. and guess what? you cannot multi-task your own well-being.

so, my smart cookie, here are a few of my favorite gang changers. and instead of looking at this list as what shui expects in a room, simply rock what works for you. because a happy YOU leaves little room for anything else!



even if you’re not in a relationship or seeking some sizzle between the sheets, bedrooms are synonymous with all relationships. back to the beginning of this post, when we are in pursuit of something we really want – a business venture or a social opportunity – we can anchor the concept of partnership easily + eloquently in the bedroom by keeping things in even numbers. so, a pair of nightstands, a pair of lamps, or an even assortment of pillows – you know, it takes two to make a thing go right. . .

feng shui + bedrooms + love (3)



if your walls are adorned with kids’ photos, all eyes are on you. almost like you are being watched – a-hem. so, if your love life is barely flickering, try taking those precious faces down for 9 days. see what happens. and if things heat up, replace the family portfolio with something that brews romance.

feng shui + bedrooms + love (2)


i’m talking yin and yang, black and white. they are not mutually exclusive – an excellent metaphor for relationships. so, a touch of these colors in a bedroom is a worthy nod to equality and balance in our partnerships. plus, it’s fun to play with this unexpected detail! and the options available will tickle your idea box: art prints, photography, books, jewelry boxes, lamps, rugs, vases. . .

feng shui + bedrooms + love (7)

our focus determines so much of where we end up, and given that the bedroom bookends our days, it matters. so do something to dress your room with LOVE and watch how the universe shows up spectacularly, scattering sunshine + stars all around you.

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