Workbook 2

Simple Shui

Homes are our living partners, and they hold this enormous ability to kindle positive energy on our behalf. Yet, we often dismiss a house as mere architecture and diminish its power to sway BIG transformations.

As a shui consultant, one of the simplest changes I know you can make to have the best life ever is LIVE WITH WHAT YOU LOVE.

And clutter is not love.

This workbook is your fresh pair of eyes, engaging you to see your house deliberately and thoughtfully. Clutter affects how we show up in the world, so it matters why we allow it. When we hold onto stuff we don’t need, use, or even want, we are really saying we don’t think life will get better. I believe you deserve something much better than that —don’t you? The easiest way to make room for LOVE is filtering out anything that no longer serves you. Once I understood this, I never looked back. You won’t either.


53 pages, PDF format


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