Workbook 3

Simple Shui

If you’ve never created sacred space, at first blush the concept sounds woo. Truth is, simple rituals have been used for centuries to dispel unwanted vibes and restore energetic integrity within an environment.

Creating sacred space – whatever the ritual – makes magic happen. It is simply a celebration lathering BIG LOVE throughout a home.

No matter the reason we arrive at shui’s shore, there is usually a familiar undercurrent –we’ve lost momentum somewhere in our lives and we want that otherworldly flow back. Space clearing is a bewitching way to raise our spirits. And it’s not necessary to understand how it works for us to use it. Whatever ritual {or combination of rituals} shared in this workbook resonates with you, take its hand and trust the magic. Because however you filter out hazy energy or heavy vibes, it’s a beautiful new beginning – the kind that gets our attention. Every time.


43 pages, PDF format


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