3 things that *could be* making your anxiety worse…

a universal experience in heavy rotation right now: ANXIETY.

honestly, who isn’t feeling it? 

we’ve been living in the curve of a question mark most of the year – and long-term exposure is an intense space to be.

while shui can’t eliminate anxiety completely, it can soften its unwelcome edge in your life. and even if the anxiety isn’t yours, everything suggested here will help mollify its presence for those around you.

so, if you’re ready for some relief, here are 3 things you can do today:

anxiety is often related to the elements Fire and Metal. so, first and foremost, check to see if your space is giving those expressions preferential treatment. in my experience, the most common situation (when it comes to feeling anxious) is a client with a high-sensitivity living in a dominantly Metal environment. (need to know what that looks like? watch here. and here.) your remedy rescue? Water – it is the element that balances both. Water puts out Fire; Water drains Metal; and it is usually missing in homes where anxiety runs on full tap. Water encourages behaviors that favor reflection and stillness, which provides you a chance to be present and imperturbable. grab a few ideas of how to welcome water’s flow into your surroundings over here.

when we consider our environments stylistically or organizationally, we don’t often muse on the influence of Yin and Yang much. anxiety brings this conversation to the front of the line. when we live with overly Yang spaces – tall, looming furniture; mostly oversized windows, décor, art, +/or rooms; or highly engaging accents, like bright color – we never get to ‘calm’ down. think about opening your eyes, but never blinking – and that’s what your space is experiencing. Either minimize the Yang by moving things around or out of rooms, OR add a few more touches of Yin to balance out a room.

finally, look to what hangs overhead. anything large / heavy hanging above your headboard; clutter stored high in the kitchen, on bookshelves, in your closets; or any art, shelving, or décor placed higher on the wall. what hangs high has a lording effect on us, and it can – unmitigated – leave us feeling like something is “always hanging over our heads.” xo


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