5 ways to Feng Shui your wallet!

what’s in your wallet? here are my 5 favorite tips for yours…

TIP ONE: purge the receipts and grocery lists. if yours nests a random collection of paper junk (coupons, receipts, lists, etc.), clear that clutter. these hold the energy of spending money.

TIP TWO: streamline your credit cards, especially if they cause financial strain. (if you’re maxed out, remove those cards from your wallet.)

TIP THREE: organize the cash in your wallet so those dollah dollah bills face the same direction.

TIP FOUR: place a stick of cinnamon or a pinch of salt in your wallet with the intention of earning and accepting money easily.

TIP FIVE: make this wallet shui a 5-minute weekly ritual with the intention to begin each week in order. when you show respect for your money and its home, you signal the ability to handle and receive more. xo