5 ways to turn your luck around!

want to learn 5 ways to turn your luck around?

TIP ONE: move your furniture around. in general, i recommend doing this at least once a year. even if you move it simply to clean around / underneath it and then move it back, that counts. this *instant* fix works like a charm whenever you feel like luck is running in the wrong direction.

TIP TWO: wake up any sleepy corners. how? add a plant or flowers; bring in some light; hang a few bells / chimes; or turn yours into an inviting nook. alternatively, find ways to be in the room with those *tired corners* — let it *host* game night, have conversations here, or turn on the music and dance. your presence becomes the Yang counterbalance that’ll disrupt any yawning Yin energy.

TIP THREE: open your windows (or doors!) more – it’s buh-bye recycled chi, and HELLO, breath of fresh air!

TIP FOUR: re-energize your home with scent. i like incense because it’s efficient and economical – and sandalwood is a favorite. but you can shift chi with any fabulous scent, so find something that delights your nose!

TIP FIVE: keep the lights bright at your entrance – this way, good luck will know exactly where to find you! xo