6 shui moves your oughta know…

the most popular bagua Qs that come my way usually concern the wealth, love or career area.

and while alllll of those guas are important, of course, there are spaces and places in your surroundings that have BIGGER wins embedded. even better? they’re usually super simple to tackle right away, so regardless of your “splinter”, these are 6 shui moves you oughta know!


the front door is known as the “mouth of chi” in shui-speak. what does that mean? think of your own mouth – it’s where you take in oxygen and nourishment, which are life support essential, yes? well, the front door is where we “take in” opportunities, auspicious luck, and nourishing chi. (and to be crystal clear, this is the architecturally-intended front door.)

the mouth of chi is where we set the stage for what we’re calling into our life. and even if the architecturally intended front door isn’t the one everyone recognizes as the main entrance, it needs to be zhuzhed and used on the regular! otherwise, you’re missing out BIG TIME on opportunities and energy refreshments available to you every single day. 


the best position for a bed and your office desk (and honestly, anywhere you sit!) is on the wall opposite the door.

more specifically, being “in command” means…

you have a solid wall behind your headboard or desk chair, like it’s “got your back.”

you have open space in front of you to welcome (and gather, collect, peruse!) opportunities coming your way.

you are preferably a little off to the side of the door instead of directly aligned with it – as in, if i walk into your office straight to the back wall, i won’t “run into” your desk. (it’s okay if a corner / the edge of the desk “lives” here. we just don’t want YOU in that line of energy.)

think mafia boss sitting in the back of the room, up against a solid wall (not the windows or other doors), fully aware of everyone coming and going. not only does this ensure you “see” opportunity around you, it keeps you ready to roll and respond to whatever comes your way!


Feng Shui translated means “wind water.” wind represents energy; water represents fortune. now, ask yourself: if there isn’t wind or water blowing or flowing, what does that feel like? i immediately think stale, oppressive, at a standstill, parched, lifeless. 

prosperity (energy, enthusiasm, money, the “right” people, opportunities, +/or the instincts to follow them) comes into our lives through moving energy, which is why energy needs room IN YOUR ROOMS to move around.

so, if every shelf is full or the closet is jam-packed…

maybe the drawers don’t open easily or you can’t pull the car into the garage…

perhaps the floor is suffocating under the debris of work or daily stuff…

consider that those tight / covered spaces might be sabotaging whatever refreshments (hope, possibility, invitation for change) are trying to come your way.


everything is energy; everything is connected; and everything is always changing – which means the accumulation of clutter in your home (or office) absolutely affects you. it undermines the energy around you. it heckles at the quality of life you’re trying to create. and that tug-o-war eventually wears you out. so, if clutter has you in constant agitation, it’s time to make it a priority so it ceases to affect your priorities! 


‘unwanted’ energy happens everywhere and to everyone. you get sick. you have a fight. there’s the news. the economy. unexpected expenses and hiccups. the list here has legs. so, first and foremost, let’s acknowledge and accept that LIGHT and SHADOW are a packaged deal. and instead of striving to stay within a ‘light bubble,’ consider energetic cleaning is a ritual that helps. whatever medicine we work with won’t negate what’s happening or eliminate our problems. however, it will keep any “heavy” that moves in from making itself at home. and in its space, it deposits and builds a positive chi reserve so when life gets you down, your house can get you back up!


our interior worlds – especially at the office – often consist of hard edges, straight lines and so much hi-tech. over time, those left unchecked can have a straining and draining effect on our well-being. the counterbalance? mama nature. she has all the right curves; she’s supple; she gives us textured surfaces; and she’s delivering those beautiful imperfections. i shared my favorite ways to soften things up over here. why? when a space feels alive, our well-being thrives – and that is an essential ingredient for any self-transformation and life expansion! xo

photo | @farmgirlflowers