6 ways to create serious curb appeal

‘tis the time of year to take a fresh approach to your front door, so here are a few Qs worth asking as you do!

are there any obstacles when approaching the front door? look for overgrown shrubbery, low tree branches, unsteady pavers, or forgotten newspapers. address easy fixes now: replace burned out bulbs. give the old doormat a good zhuzh. wipe down a dirty front door, and remove any dead plants and/or clutter. spend a weekend in the yard weeding, mulching, and caring for the space as this will nourish both your home and YOU.

is the front door able to open without obstruction? the wider a door opens, the more opportunities it can welcome into our lives. if unnecessary clutter (shoes, toys, etc.) ‘lives’ here, find it a home. as for shoes kicked off casually at the door, a basket is an easy solution to keep them contained and off the floor.

is your address easy to see? refresh it, if necessary, with a quick polish to the numbers or a few new screws to hold them in place, a fresh spray of paint to update a faded curb address, or a well-posted name in an apartment building. whatever the case, make sure you can be found easily!

is your front path welcoming? how about the front hall? want a quick fix for both? brighter lights (increase the current wattage), colorful and healthy plants, and fresh paint are the easiest ways to infuse the spaces with abundantly inviting energy.

do you have a doormat at the front door? is there a rug inside your door? these mark the transition between outside/inside and trap dirt from coming all the way into a space. just be certain to shake them out once in a while. if either is faded or frayed, replace it.

what are the first impressions of your home upon entering? contemplate what you can enhance by letting your 5 senses guide you. would lighting a candle or placing fragrant flowers create an inviting feel? how about music playing in the background? 

the energy that gathers around the front door is what channels throughout the rest of our home. so, create a positive and beautiful entrance, and you’ll invite healthy, uplifting, and generous possibilities into your home and LIFE! xo


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