6 ways to manage unwelcome *heatwaves*

the first few weeks of june can be a mosh pit, especially with the school-year rhythm likely in the rearview. and with everyone mixing and mingling at home a little more than usual, it’s not uncommon to notice an uptick in verbal friction.


if you have a spot in your home where arguments seem to flare up, here are 6 things to watch out for +/or remedy that’ll help soothe those flames:
TIP ONE: eliminate clutter. clutter in a home is often incongruent with our authentic desires. we say we want change and believe we are ready for it, but our things subliminally suggest otherwise. so, we end up stuck and feeling trapped by circumstances. clutter anchors familiar, maybe even tired, patterns of behavior in place – and that can make positive change (or conversation) feel extra exhausting.

TIP TWO: if the house is dusty or dirty…

if there are home repairs needing your attention (leaky faucets, clogged drains, broken anything)…

tidy up.

whenever we are transforming energy, any low energetic presence that remains untouched will deplete our efforts to harmonize the space. so, if your effort to “turn things around” isn’t “taking”, consider a quick cleaning and clearing. 

TIP THREE: “wake up” quiet corners and still spaces. listen, those lonely corners of your home are attention seekers. and if they aren’t given a little LOVE and affection, the energy here gets parched. parched energy leads to “feeling stuck” – and the longer it lingers, the more resistance you feel. so, bust up the silent treatment, and enliven those spaces – either with a chi enhancer or two, or YOU! 

TIP FOUR: be mindful of anything that “cuts” chi – especially if it resides where arguments tend to flare up. while we can’t “detect” cutting chi with our everyday sensibilities, we often do have a low-level sense we’re in the direct path of something that feels “off” or uncomfortable. and the closer we are to it, the more intense it feels. and cutting chi “dissects” energy – something that feels overly pronounced in arguments that are abrasive, sharp-tongued, piercing or barbed. 

possible culprits: this might be a mirror that someone can’t fully see themselves reflected in, overhead beams, fluorescent lighting, sharp corners pointing at you, or even the block of knives on the kitchen counter (to name a few…).

TIP FIVE: are you in command? being in command eliminates a lot of low-grade fear, and it keeps our nervous system from feeling short-changed and compromised. and when we feel better, it is so much easier to maintain a constructive conversation rather than giving into a clashing quarrel. 

TIP SIX: assess if you have any “rushing” chi areas. rushing chi happens anywhere energy moves too quickly.
imagine gusting winds or crashing waves of water – and what happens in their path? things are dispersed and possibly destroyed, right? when that feature is mimicked in and around our homes, those same consequences translate in our lives. and it can heighten tension and disagreements in our home. 
a few common “expressions” of rushing chi: a straight pathway to the front door; stairs that funnel out the front door; a front door that lines up with the back door or large windows; +/or a busy road behind a home. your solution: create “speed bumps.” (in my new 6-week self-study course – Become Your Own Feng Shui Consultant– we cover more than 20 possible solutions for rushing chi! it’s launching in a couple weeks, so stay tuned!) xo

photo by Lisa Haukom / The Golden Brand