7 ways to welcome the Lunar New Year

the Lunar New Year strides in Friday – which means there are two wonderful opportunities in your forecast: 
if you missed the shui prep for January 1st, here is your second chance! and.

if you’ve had a change of heart / never-left-the-start-line / need a do-over with your intentions, IT’S HERE!

the prep is quite similar to my annual New Year’s list.
today’s compilation is a beautiful merger of (1) traditional rituals for welcoming the Lunar New Year energies, and (2) fabulous ideas to consider anytime you’re ready to usher in something new and fresh.
Chinese New Year activities often include decorating, eating a delish dinner with your family and loved ones on New Year’s Eve, setting off a few firecrackers +/or fireworks, and gifting red envelopes with money inside.

so, first things first, before you decorate…

clean your house (and, if needed, give the office space a good purge, too). i know this is probably the least incentivizing at first read, but it’s how we “clear out and clean away” last year. and 2020 just has to go, am i right?
sweep. whether it is your front porch or the whole house, ready that broom to whisk away any lingering 2020 energy. 
(the only days you should not clean or sweep are January 1stand on the Lunar New Year. it is believed if you do either, you are sweeping away any good luck that has gathered for the new year.) 

next up, we decorate…

get “red”y. red is a customary part of Lunar New Year festivities and celebrations. why? red is associated with good fortune, prosperity and happiness. this is why you see red lanterns lining the streets and red envelopes (with money inside) given as gifts.  
alternatively, you can punctuate your space with red blossoms and ribbons! red flowers symbolize wealth. pair this with the New Year, and those red bloomies are believed to herald a prosperous year! so, splurge on a few bundles of crimson flowers. and if you really want to glam it up, grab a few red ribbons and tie them to your tree branches inside +/or out. 

wear something new! this is the moment wedress to impress the new year, so doll yourself up on February 12th!

now, it is time to CELEBRATE…

eat something scrummy for dinner on New Year’s Eve. traditionally, this meal is believed to be the “most important one of the year.” so, consider it your nudge to light the candles. use the freshest food available. adorn the table with gorgeous napkins and plates. and, most importantly, lavish LOVE into your meal prep!
gift your heart out! a customary practice is to give loved ones and family members a red (representing good luck) envelope of money (wishes for prosperity) after they’ve wished you a happy new year. 
finally, burst into the new year with a few red firecrackers +/or fireworks. firecrackers chase out lingering bad vibes from the past year. so, light them up!up!up! and with a pop or two, they’ll send that unwanted energy on its way and clear room for good luck to take its space!

i LOVE the electric verve that a new year fosters – especially that moment where everything feels full of rock and roll and wishing stars. so, if you could use an OUT WITH THE OLD, IN WITH THE NEW plan for twenty-twenty one, everything here is auspiciously aligned to make that happen! xo

/ photo by @farmgirlflowers /


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