clearing clutter isn’t Feng Shui…or is it?

when someone says to me “clearing clutter isn’t Feng Shui…”

no, clutter didn’t exist thousands of years ago when Feng Shui began. so, in that vein, it wasn’t a consideration. however, here we are today with online shopping, super market stores and dizzying trends dropping every time we blink – which means we’re living in a time when everything we need and don’t need is immediately within reach.

we consume and accumulate, and often, more than we need or will ever use. and when we live with things we don’t use, things we feel ambivalent about, things we keep out of guilt or obligation or perceived worth, or things that we’re just too overwhelmed to deal with…

it’s good to remember that everything is chi (or energy), clutter included.

everything is connected, which means that clutter is mixing and mingling with your energy.

and everything is always changing. so, when we aren’t letting things go – like clutter – it becomes a form of resistance in our lives. which means if you struggle with clutter, you’re probably feeling slowed down or stuck somewhere in your life – physically, emotionally, professionally, personally, mentally, spiritually.

so, if we’re talking “letter of the law” shui? no, clutter wasn’t part of the “original” conversation or considerations.

however, in the spirit of Feng Shui – everything is energy; everything is connected; and everything is always changing. so, the accumulation of clutter absolutely affects us. it lowers the energy in our homes and it challenges the quality of life we’re trying to experience.

which is why for me and in a simple shui world, clutter absolutely belongs in the conversation about improving energy around you. we’ve got 2 months left of 2022, so in the spirit of putting yourself in the best possible position for a new year, new YOU, consider this your nudge to start tackling any clutter around you right now.

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p.s. the *everything* concept was one of my first lessons learning Feng Shui, so a shout out to the Western School of Feng Shui and Terah, Becky and Karen!