come learn Feng Shui with me!

my DMs and inbox are humming these days with all the shui Qs, so let’s talk quickly 9 reasons why taking my course could be the answer you’re looking for:
#9: once you understand WHY you work with a specific cure +/or remedy, you can TRANSFORM your home into a POWERHOUSE!
#8:  a lot of magic starts bouncing around you after each class – it’s one of the most common things i hear from students. i know the feeling, too, and that energy is SO rewarding and rejuvenating!
#7: learning how to *read* your home travels well long after the course wraps. no matter how long it takes you to finish it (that’s why i LOVE that it’s self-paced), you’ll walk away confidently interpreting anywhere you work or live the rest of your life! (how’s that for a new life skill?)
#6: you can keep working hard to get what you want out of life, or…

you can delegate a little of that push to your house — and it’ll absolutely surprise you with what it can do FOR you!

#5: these 6 modules will absolutely change the direction of your life — which means you’re about to know things you aren’t even aware of right now. i always LOVE a good re-invention!
#4: i am capital *G* generous with the resources i share here, so you’ll have plenty to sink your teeth into long after you complete the course ends.
#3: a home influences our body and brain, so if you’re particular about the foods you eat, certain products in your home, substances for vitality and health, this conversation is EQUALLY important. 
#2: you’ll learn answers to shui Qs you don’t know you have and the ones you need to be asking — the kind that influence BIGGER change than you know!
and my number one reason to say YESYESYES?
#1: when we change our life, our home changes, too. the reverse happens to hold just as true. every change you make in your home irrefutably influences your life. so, why not spring that curiosity into action and see what’s positively possible once you start changing your surroundings with mindfully deliberate intention? 

all the details are here to learn more! xo