curious to hear my 5 *must-haves*?

curious what my 5 “must haves” are when it comes to shui-ing my home?

MUST-HAVE ONE: a broom! whether you’re at a crossroads or just want to keep your energy upright, sweeping will change the air around you. if you aren’t sure where to sweep, 3 words: your front door! i promise this one ritual will usher little synchronicities your way!

MUST-HAVE TWO: salt has been a *rock* star here for a long while! it is used around the world as a purifying agent, so you are in good company keeping it at the ready in your home. check out my reels for more ways to work with it in your home.

MUST-HAVE THREE: candles – something i *might* be guilty of hoarding – haha! our ancestors communed around a fire because it provided safety and warmth. and while modern-day circumstances have changed, our love for fire and its magic still runs deep. in some circles, candles are believed to have a trance-like effect, so i will often light one before starting a new project!

MUST-HAVE FOUR: fresh blooms and fruit – c’mon, you know these have to make this list! the higher the vibrational quality around us, the better we roll with life. and anything freshy fresh has the most robust and immediate effects for turning blahs into BOO-YAHS! take a page straight from my routine: fresh flower runs on Friday and fresh fruit refreshments weekly.

MUST-HAVE FIVE: green chi, baby! you’ve likely heard plants are “good Feng Shui.” the most universal reason: plants refresh a room by literally improving the air around us. however, their magic goes beyond respiration. when a plant is healthy, chances are so are its roots! this is symbolic of nurturing what we see and don’t see – and it’s why plants are often related to wealth in Feng Shui. one healthy plant can represent a calm security that the good life (health, wealth, and people to enjoy those with!) will keep growing in your life! xo