Feng Shui Enthusiast

2007 was a particularly hard year for me, second only to one other. We moved from our cute little home on the mountainside in Utah to the "Big D"…Dallas. Being from Texas, I figured I would adjust easier than my family, but Dallas…well…let's just say she rocks a whole different frequency. I spiraled downward quickly. I was unhappy, lost, and lonely without my familiar circuit of friends and routines.

I knew I had to "get over myself" — I just didn't know how. Enter FENG SHUI. Being smart and rather rhetorical, I knew I needed something that (1) caught my attention and (2) couldn't be intellectually argued. Feng shui made no sense to me, and frankly, even less sense as I began reading about it. But I was determined to at least try it. And even more surprised when I began seeing results.


My hope is to share with you, through this blog, everything I know about feng shui. I quickly became consumed with the bagua, the five elements, and the power of intention. At one point, I hired a feng shui consultant to come "adjust" my house. What I realized in her visit was I knew just as much as she did, possibly more. So, stay with me and you, too, will learn what I have. In the meantime, I am often asked what is the best feng shui book out there for beginners. Truthfully, there are many, but my favorite is Fast Feng Shui by Stephanie Roberts. 

As with any new endeavor, try it and find joy in the small successes. Feng shui has the amazing ability to shift our focus and enhance our intentions, ultimately allowing us to manifest the lives we really desire!