Feng Shui: is it mind over matter?

i’ve had several conversations recently (with potential clients and current collaborators) that i’ve been mulling over because of one question: does Feng Shui really come down to being a “mind thing”? – as in, because you think it is going to have an effect, it “works.”
and my first thought – any time someone presents this possibility to me – is “if only we were that agreeable to changing our minds…”
however, at first glance, sure, it could be a factor. 
i mean, sitting in command – after you’ve read (or been told by your friendly shui practitioner!) that it can help you see opportunity coming so you’re able to take advantage of the moment – is compelling enough, you might change your mind about what is possible professionally for you.
however, allow me to introduce one other consideration of Feng Shui – something noticeable from years of experience and practice:
going back to the example of command positioning…
it is often when my clients move themselves out of command – say, for the ease of a room redesign – that they call me wondering why it feels like problems are “coming out of nowhere.” and to be clear, this call usually comes a few months after the move or change, so they’re not thinking about their desk positioning when they SOS me. instead, they’re wrapped up in the details of what’s going wrong and want a quick fix to problems like…

  • projects have stalled – and they’re hitting a wall in business, with clients, moving forward in general.
  • they’ve been subjected to unexpected criticism, and it doesn’t seem to be letting up.
  • there is a pervading sense of vulnerability or exposure – like, they lack the necessary “protection” to make bold changes or “protection” they took for granted is now in question.
  • opportunities they’ve been vying for slipped by them, or opportunities were taken away from them.

these are a handful of challenges my clients have come to me with over the years, but the hallmarks are usually the same: there’s been a sudden reversal of “fortune” or ease, and they want a shui infusion! 
and the first thing i check: bed and desk positioning – are they still in command? and most of the time, nope. 
this happens so much more than you’d think, but the good news is once we correct it, things start to balance out in their lives again.

so, i will tell you what i tell them – and how i have been answering this FAQ lately:
command isn’t just a “mind” thing; it is “wiring” thing. when we sit or sleep without view of the door, our subconscious – through no conscious effort on our part – keeps “an eye open” for potential threats. we are hardwired for survival, and without view of incoming energy, we hover on alert.
now, if this were merely a short-term situation (a temporary office situation or a hotel stay), it wouldn’t have as great an effect. however, when our subconscious lives “on guard” day after day (or night after night), an energetic erosion happens. it starts subtly, but over time, we start noticing its wear and tear.
out of command, we are essentially trying to do two things at the same time – one, whatever the task is at hand and two, stay safe. and again, i can’t stress this enough: the whole “survival” piece isn’t a conscious decision, but it does create its own decision fatigue over time. and that’s how – out of command – we stop noticing opportunities or problems on approach; why it feels like things suddenly come out of nowhere; how our energy feels more sensitive to criticisms and feedback; and why we might eventually feel exhausted, unsettled or uneasy. part of our energy is distracted every day in an effort to keep us safe, and that chronic interference adds up. put yourself in command, though, and all your energy is at your service.

so, maybe your mind gets involved, but living and working in spaces that are truly optimized for us physically and psychologically feels better and that is how shui makes everything in our lives that much easier. xo

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