Honey and Milk

As a mother, I know how lovely it is to be celebrated once a year. Where the day dictates everyone is on their best behavior and catering to me. I hope all mothers reading this were also treated splendidly yesterday in appreciation for their sacrifice, work, and daily labor. I am a fan of Ellen Whitehurst and follow her blog. She posted a Mother's Day bath recipe on Friday that I want to share in hopes that mothers will allow themselves more pockets of time to refresh, rejuvenate, and refocus. To use this bath once a year seems wasteful when we could really benefit from it year round… so I encourage you to set aside some time at least once a month for this restorative soak.

Honey and Milk

You will need the following ingredients:

1/2 cup golden honey   

1/2 cup whole milk     

2 cups of Epsom salt

3 crushed mint leaves

3 fresh parsley bunches      

Mix the honey and milk first. Add in the crushed mint leaves and parsley. Let your bathwater run, adding the Epsom salt and letting it dissolve. Right before you step into the bath, add the honey and milk mixture. Soak in it at least 20 minutes.

In many traditions and cultures, milk is believed to enhance your ability to give and receive love by softening your perspective. The honey adds more sweetness to your life while the salt detoxifies. And as for the mint and parsley? Well, they are known to bring money into your life.

Whatever comes of your bath, setting aside time to relax and submerge into very warm water will absolutely calm and soothe your soul while restoring you to wholeness…which makes this a bath the whole family should be happy about!