how to “read” a room with Feng Shui


they are all around you – especially in your home – and they are rather revealing about what is happening in your life right now.

this is why i am unflinching about shui not being something you choose to do; if you have stuff and space, shui is happening all around you.

and because environmental metaphor is an uncomplicated way to use your voice in a complicated world, it’s like having a marquee declare your intentions.

here’s how it works:

your house is the narrator, so ask this: what does each thing say to me?

you are the observer, so pause and ponder over your first impression of anything taking up space.

if you feel aligned with what your things say about you, revisit this exercise when you are ready to change or improve something in your life. if you aren’t swept off your feet with what’s happening around you, it’s time to play with some better metaphors.

what do you desire in your life? find something that matches that idea or goal, and give it good geography.

now, here’s the magic rub: every time you are in its vicinity, your subconscious is reminded of your intentions. and what you think about, you bring about. so, shui is about giving your house a piece of your mind now so it brings you peace of mind later!

ideally, you want to look around your home at any given moment and say “this house is SO me/us.” there is always an invitation to hit the refresh button in the spaces we live and work, so whenever you feel the call to cue a refresh, find a metaphor you LOVE and let it live with you! xo

/ photo by Kiana Underwood of tulipina design /


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