Q & A: “what are your thoughts on a glass front door?”

Q: “what are your thoughts on a glass front door?”

A: doors and windows are portals for energy, so a glass door amplifies the amount of energy flowing in and out of your life. is that problematic? not necessarily – it really depends on where the door “lives” (according to the bagua), how the space is currently arranged, and how YOU feel about that area of your life.

the reason glass doors come up in shui conversations is they can potentially make opportunities, energy, etc. “hard to contain.” so, if this is you, here are 3 ways to “remedy” yours:

ground the space by adding add Earth. (the earth element is fabulous for soaking up energy spills!) outside the front door, throw down a larger rug and place a welcome mat on top. this “stabilizes” the energy exchange occurring, while also moderating the pace of opportunities coming at you / leaving you at the front door (the mouth of chi). plus, this duo adds texture, creates fabulous curb appeal, and makes your front door feel a little more entrancing!

alternatively, you could flank the front door with potted plants, topiaries or small trees. these greeters and guardians will referee the energy flow and minimize any “scattered” feelings intensified by the glass door. even better? they generate nourishing chi that be felt by everyone who enters and exits your space, including YOU!

and finally…

a big wreath helps to both woo energy while limiting that instant +/or overexposure. (you know i LOVE my front door swag from Branch and Bloom!)

*photo | Studio McGee


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