Group Consult

Welcome to an interactive 6-week course where you shui your home — week by week — with me as your hands-on guide! Here’s a peek at what you can expect:


  • Enrollment is open a few times during the year, and each session runs for 6 weeks.
  • Each group is limited to 25 spots.
  • We meet weekly for 90+ minutes with 30 (ish) minutes for Q & A at the end.
  • Class will be hosted on Zoom. Prior to each week’s call, you will receive a link. If you miss a class, no worries – I’ll send out the recording later that day!
  • At the end of each class, you will be given specific shui assignments to apply / practice what you’ve learned.
  • This course is a pre-requisite for the Simple Shui certification program (more details coming Spring 2022).


  • The bagua – more specifically, how to orient it correctly; how to handle missing areas; and how to go even deeper into its meanings.
  • Chi enhancers – what they are; how they influence energy; and prescriptions for working with them as enhancements and remedies.
  • Clutter and a conversation with multiple ways you can manage / eliminate it.
  • Common home challenges I see during consults and the appropriate remedies for any your house may have!
  • The 5 elements and how to intelligently work with their superpowers.
  • Space clearing ritual recipes for regular energetic cleanses as well as “deeper cleaning” methods you might need during acute / chronic challenges.

The “What Ifs”

Q: What if I am brand new to Feng Shui? Can I join?+

A: YES! This group consult is an excellent introduction into the practice. You will learn how to Feng Shui your space similar to how I approach a Feng Shui consult. You also have access to me for Qs during class, so if you ever start to feel overwhelmed or confused, I am right there to get those knots out!

Q: What if I am familiar with Feng Shui? Is this too basic for me?+

A: It depends on your level of familiarity. If you’ve been dabbling or practicing shui on your own, some of the material might feel familiar. However, I introduce content and suggestions that come exclusively from advanced trainings and client work. Most of what I teach pulls from experience – not books.

If you’ve been certified as a practitioner, let’s talk! A quick conversation will help us determine if this is a profitable investment for you!

Q: What if I have a hard time keeping up with the assignments?+

A: My superpower is making the complicated simple. I’ve been teaching shui for over 10 years now, so I have every confidence what you learn / take notes on will make sense whenever you come back to it.

That said, though, shui only works if you do.

The assignments are there to help you apply the concepts and do the work because that is where the questions live. So, the real setback with falling behind is you miss out on asking questions that you might not know you have until you do the work.

Q: What if I want to become certified? Is this the program for me?+

A: No. This is not a certification program – it’s a consult that happens from the classroom. You are learning the concepts, determining what your home “needs”, and applying them in your home with professional guidance.

The Reasons To Say Yes

The Expert

Here’s the skinny on me:

One, I have been practicing shui for 15+ years now.

Two, I am insatiably curious and invest in myself every year – which means I am never not learning. What I bring to every conversation is multiple Feng Shui certifications; a year-long study in Earth Medicine; several writing workshops with New York Times bestselling authors; mastermind trainings with executive business coaches; and a Masters in Communication.

Three, I have been sought out by companies-you-know to explain and teach shui, including ABC Carpet & Home, HBO Max, Netflix, Architectural Digest, and Amazon. I teach workshops around the world, develop curriculum for life coaches and design schools, consult / practice / teach shui 24/7, and I’ve written and published a book!

Finally, and this is the most important, I truly believe in the power of shui to transform lives. Feng Shui is a practice that considers everyone and everything in your space. It’s where home improvement meets self-improvement. At its very juicy center, Feng Shui is about love. And for me, that LOVE is what makes this practice irresistible!

I’m In! How Do I Sign Up?