simple shui tip: add color to your front door

whenever i start talking about the “mouth of chi”, there is one Q that pops up every time: what color *should* i paint my front door?

so, a few quick notes:

the front door is where we entice auspicious energy into our homes, and in Feng Shui, this is the architecturally front door of a house. energy goes where the eye does, so it’s worth the endeavor to make the entrance as inviting as possible.

and, of course, one of the ways we can entice and inform the energy romping our way is with COLOR.


when choosing a color for the front door, i have 4 suggestions for picking the “right” one:

OPTION ONE: choosing a color you LOVE will always win first place. when we LOVE what we see, you can’t out-do that energy windfall. say it with me: if YOU LOVE IT, YOU WIN!

OPTION TWO: not sure what you LOVE? choose a color that looks good on you. style the door how you would style yourself! (can’t paint your door your favorite hue to wear? get creative with a wreath, a doormat, or some pots of plants!)

OPTION THREE: still not sure? be bold and pick a hue that stands out from the rest of your house. energy follows the eye, and nothing says “hello, honey!” quite like a flashy door!

OPTION FOUR: black is the color associated with water – which, in shui speak, represents fortune. so, a black front door is often interpreted as bringing wealth into the home.

even better? homes with black front doors increase its resale by more than $6000 – so, that wealth tip seems to hold up in the realtor-speak, too! (take a quick look at Homes & Gardens, Zillow, Home Advisor… and you’ll see that everyone agrees!) xo