The Calm After the Storm

If you can believe it, I had an "A-Ha" moment today while vegging in front of the television watching movies with my girls…but before I share my enlightenment, let me recap the month.

I don't know why, but January blew into my life like a force of nature that knocked the wind out of me. I have had one challenge after another. Sure, a couple problems are easy to withstand (assuming they are resolved relatively quickly), but this windstorm is relentless. And while I am relying heavily on my foundation of intention, focus, and feng shui, these forceful gales are rendering me exhausted as I try to steadily maintain grace and gratitude.

Gale storm

Today I decided to simply not participate in anything at all. I would be at the mercy of whatever anyone else around me was doing. I watched "Hocus Pocus" and a couple Mary Kate and Ashley movies while letting my girls eat and drink whatever they desired in the living room. I didn't even lose it when my dog decided the donut on the table (I did say whatever they wanted) was too tempting to resist and lifted it right in front of me. This may not sound startling to you, but in my world, any of this would normally get a reaction out of me. Not today…

So, the enlightenment? Well, one of my goals this year is to learn meditation. But given the storm I am in the middle of, my efforts have been when I am drifting off to sleep at night…not my best work, I'll admit. My mind is incessant chatter all day long…and who knows what it is doing while I sleep. Trying to meditate is usually the perfect storm for me. "Why am I sitting here when I could be doing…?" or "This is so frustrating…what if I am not doing it right?" Pure anxiety.

But today, I surrendered to the moment. I chose in every situation NOT to have a reaction. Maybe I am simply too run down, but what I realized is THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER. See, out of my stillness came clarity and reprieve. And this is EXACTLY what mediation does. When you get out of your own way, your subconscious rises to the occasion and lends its hand. So, from here on out, I am going to give myself at least 10 minutes a day to silence my thoughts, calm my nerves, and just be…

Single cloud

Care to join me?