the creative power of feeling good!

“I believe in the creative power of good feelings.”

Danielle LaPorte

i do, too, and i’ve got (more than) a few ways your house can help…

1: acknowledge something fabulous in your life daily – and celebrate it. these daily toasts add up and leave a room feeling GOOD, which means you leave the space feeling good!

2: leave technology out of your bedroom – think of this as both energetic preservation and a personal boundary.

3: appeal to all 5 senses as a stylistic approach for each room – and your creative self will flourish at home!

4: give every room one WOW factor – this animates the space and lifts its confidence almost immediately!*

5: reinvent a room (and yourself) by adding something new to it.

6: splurge on a signature scent – a candle, incense, or house spray that you LOVE – and start the day with it!*

7: keep passion on display in your home – anything you absolutely LOVE works. a home that showcases your personality gives off that one-of-a-kind, stand-out energy!

8: move 27 things around – this is an expedient way to shake things up!*

9: turn the lights on (including those outdoor ones!) regularly.

10: organize your pantry.

11: keep your working space beautiful. how? let it speak to whatever motivates you – your favorite pens, fresh flowers on the desk, or a heavy crystal to serve both as function (paperweight) and beauty.*

12: plant an herb garden, or dedicate a windowsill to a few pots of whatever you cook with most!

13: keep a signature gift – something you LOVE – near the front door. this could be wrapped candies, sayings on cards, or even a pile of books you’ve read and loved that you are happy to pass on! you never know when you might have a guest who could use a little surprise – and that experience of thoughtfulness will linger in your home for-like-ever!

14: grab a few $20 bills, and place them in coat pockets right now. you will plant a little wealth around the house, and that unexpected feeling of a *lucky find* is crazy contagious!

15: be unexpected in your stylistic expression – let your home match your voice and say something about you that people might not know!

(* my personal favorites!)

now tell me this: which one are you going to do? xo