simple shui | a thousand thanks

i’ve spent this year occupying two worlds:  my own space of magic-making and shui-shaking, and a collective upwelling of adrenaline and despair to everything happening around us.

if you’re anywhere in the same situ-nario (a term coined by the lovelies), you’re feeling it, too. the mother, the neighbor, the daughter, the wife, the student, the boss-babe, and the lover in me are all so very tired. so, my rituals have been more important than ever before. one, rituals are unfailing because they’re always a good idea when we don’t know what else to do. two, rituals shift our power back into the present. three, rituals carefully untangle our intentions from circumstances. we might not have control over what’s happening in the world, but we can always guide how we show up in it.

so, today is a gratitude shout out.

despite having every self-doubt + concern this year as i talk shui WHILE wondering if the sky is falling, i keep coming back to this:


artists need to create on the same scale that society has the capacity to destroy.

{lauren bon}


which is will i keep shui-ing like i mean it. and on that note, let the gratitude parade commence:

i am wide-eyed with gratitude to be asked by architectural digest to talk shui for their new site clever. i mean, for the love of it all, ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST!


Peters advises moving 27 items in your home when it’s feeling stale: “This little ditty shakes loose that unwelcome familiarity and it is so easy. Throw a rug into a different room or… switch out the summer magazines for a stack of cookbooks.” This frees up chi to move about your home so that it doesn’t get stuck among items you’ve gotten so accustomed to that you don’t even notice them anymore. Why 27 items, you ask? “The short answer—it’s a shui thing,” says Peters. “Twenty-seven is [a multiple of] the number 9, the number representing power, manifestation, and completion.” Bonus: You don’t need to add or buy anything.

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and i feel every shade of delight to learn i have been featured over at mydomaine several times this month – there is nothing but glimmer + sparkle on my face for unexpected surprises like this!

Feng shui consultant Amanda Gibby Peters of Simple Shui recently revealed how one common household item could be upping your bedroom’s energy flow and thereby wreaking havoc on your sleep. “If you have trouble sleeping, let’s talk about why that mirror on your bedroom wall might be the culprit,” says Peters. According to feng shui beliefs, mirrors increase energy flow, and this increased energy can disrupt sleep. Before completely overhauling your bedroom décor, Peters advises testing out a quick fix to determine whether it’s your mirrors that are to blame for your poor sleep. “Cover the bedroom mirror(s) for a couple nights and notice if your sleep improves,” she advises. “if you do sleep soundly with them covered, consider replacing them with someone else you love—a large print, a mural, or even a few mounted lanterns.” For those who simply can’t bring themselves to relocate their bedroom mirror, Peters explains that it’s best to “hang it on a non-facing wall when you’re tucked in bed.”

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i’ve spent the month somersaulting + squealing because every morning, i ask alexa for my feng shui news flash and hear her share simple shui™ tips! if you’re not getting yours, now is the time because there’s plenty more in the forecast!

“if you’ve been caught off guard by gossip, gourds are your go-to solution. place them by your front door to trap that negative energy and open up space enough for you to respond rather than react.”

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and any day i am featured over at mindbodygreen sparks a soul fire for me – because my body of work there feels like an intimate gathering of my words + shui suggestions for our homes, our havens, and our happiness.

“Mirrors literally and metaphorically double what they reflect, so it’s worth your extra mile to LOVE what it ‘sees’. A mirror over the mantle might make an impressive style statement, but if it’s reflecting a neglected corner in your house, that feeling is likely being ‘doubled’ in your life. Likewise, the front hall mirror is always a lovely gesture unless it’s showcasing a pit stop of mail, shoes, and clutter. And if your bedroom is a catch all for work, laundry, and things-without-homes – and your mirror reflects it all – you likely wake up feeling buried alive before the day begins. Bottom line: mine and mind the details of what your mirrors reflect.”

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as i exhale, twenty eighteen is already in the works – workshops, new offerings, and simple shui in more places than ever before. and none of it is possible or merry without having the support + encouragement of YOU. thank you for carrying the shui torches and lighting the world with what we learn together. thank you for every question + comment sent my way, keeping my fire well-fueled. thank you for buying the workbooks + working 1:1 with me – every single purchase lights my disco ball, and i carry a forever crush for every single client of mine. thank you for jumping into the workshops this year – our work inspired me to be bolder + better + braver. thank you for reading what i write, but even better – weaving the shui into your homes and offices. whenever i think of good energy being cultivated + carefully plotted around the world, it sends a reassuring tingle down my spine. simple shui is breathing new life and building bridges that will bear even more shui because of YOU! so, a thousand thanks + all of my LOVE! all ways + always. xo

a thousand thanks | marrakech on my mind

it’s been a week, and still, Marrakech is on my mind and the straight up magic of it all. like. . .

the endless twists and turns inside the souks. . .the stray cats. . .and the barrage of bold colors and noise refusing to be ignored.


the finesse of a good haggle + my celebratory squeals from the steals of deals i brokered! {it also sadly and forever rendered any sale i ever get here at home now lukewarm and flat.}


the square filled with spices + incense + oils + soap + dyes – a symphony of seduction to the senses. and every single thing that came home with me carries the vibrancy of this magical city.


the textiles + blankets + rugs + lanterns + baskets. and my mind + heart swamped, trying to decide what dangling treasures and evocative gems to squeeze into my suitcase.


afternoon meanderings through the pink-ish maze of the medina, possibly lost and hypnotized by the beauty while always (luckily!) hopping out of a zooming motorbike’s path just in time.


the ritual of prayer 5 times a day – a call echoing from towering speakers, quickly becoming an invitation to reconnect + recommit to gratitude. {although, truthfully, i never warmed to the 5:30-ish a.m. call. . .}.

HOT mint tea poured magnificently into beautifully etched glasses alongside sweet, savory treats.

jardin majorelle + yves st. laurent + all that blue. and i am only half-joking when i say it may be the tipping point to my own blue period. because my mind is whirring with ideas about saturating my walls, draping fabric, throwing down rugs to pop my world with cobalt.




our visit to the hamman and being led through a series of rooms, rituals, and relaxation. i was rubbed down with black soap, steamed, scrubbed thoroughly, covered in clay, and doused with water – followed up with the pampering of a fluffy robe, an enchanting room, and a cup of mint tea. ummm, yes, we could all get used to this.

and the doors. ALL THE DOORS. visual poetry and puh-lenty of inspo.


and then. . .

to be there among the sisterhood + soulful synergy of high priestesses. where we began each day with gala darling and guided meditations + cavernous soul journaling. . . and bid the day farewell with veronica varlow and her ancestral stories + candlelit rituals + personal revivals. . .


and to teach shui in a gorgeous riad where water was flowing, candles adorned the room, rose petals floated, and birdsong was swirling among a radiant femme squad. truly, this is a feeling i will savor forever. . .


and finally. . .

on our way home, an overnight stay in Madrid.

and chocolate and churros – need i say more?

walking the city late into the evening, people everywhere and the energy so becoming of us all.

honestly, i feel so luck struck. and with every trip i make, i think of shui. because it is how i aligned my wanderlust and reality. it is when these juicy, dripping-down-my-chin travels truly began. and it is why, should you ever wonder what shui will do for you, i will tell you it has the moxie + muscle to trigger capacious opportunities and sprinkle them all along your way. making your story the real love affair of your life.






simple shui | a thousand thanks + happy new year!

hello + happy new year, sparkle rockets!

pardon the late post, but my celebration was interrupted with a strep-gone-rogue infection. thankfully, i am finally feeling closer to whole.

and now that sick isn’t hanging thick in the air, how about a quick catch up + a round of a thousand thanks?

i am grateful for the voltage + alchemy of the lovelies’ creative world – movie-making is their heartbeat, and it’s held them captive for almost 10 years. when Golden Globes nominated Houda Benyamina was asked recently why she became a film director, she answered “to speak up, to speak out loud. i thought i wanted to be an actress at first but no character had enough energy.” and this mama glowed, thinking these two, my two are kind of a big deal. (this is a casting shot from their latest movie.)

i am grateful for music, especially bishop briggs + maren morris + holly williams who careened around the house, keeping me company these last few weeks.

i am grateful for the mutual JOY unleashing over my simple shui road tour. what began as a simple meet-up in 5 cities is surging into 1:1 consults, too – every request + opportunity feels like a LOVE match, and i am wildly excited to show others how to fly by the force of shui. i will be shimmying into spring!

i am grateful for sunrises + full moons + fresh flowers – the colors always seduce me and remind me just how lucky i am to be alive.

i am grateful for the muses that danced in my head while i was sick in bed. because this february, i am launching my first ever facebook live series called 50 shades of shui. i know, i know – but the sound of it rolls off my tongue so easily, i can’t help myself. more importantly, i’ll be talking about the 5 elements and how to use them in your home to play up certain energies. each element gets 2 days + 10 tips – so, there will be plenty of ideas to drink in + breathe into your house!

i am grateful to be featured in gala darling’s 2017 radical self love almanac. it’s plush full with rituals + inspo + guidance for the year ahead, and i’ve shared 10 ways to set up your bedroom for more LOVE + abundance + JOY. the high priestesses i am alongside bring their best, so don’t miss out!

and, i am grateful for a looming birthday. i’ll be 42 this weekend, and i barely have words. however, methinks i’m in good company with my word for the year: POWERHOUSE. which is about showing up like i belong wherever i am. taking up my space fully + intentionally. empowering people through their own living spaces + houses. releasing the exhaustion from second guessing myself. and tossing the paper weight of generic that insists i hide my powers + squelch my voice. in a nutshell, it’s about getting along famously with this insane courage to truly be me.

while the year ahead has a very unpredictable vibe to it, here is what i know: we are in this wilderness together and we can make the impossible present if we are unwavering with our attention + LOVE. so, hiya 2017 and here’s to steady gratitude, bright torches, and bold acts of LOVE. you in?

happy new year, loves!



simple shui | a thousand thanks + #tbt

i came across this photo of me the other day – my first headshot.


i didn’t really need the head shot for anything yet. it was me thinking my ducks needed to be in a row, you know, just in case. i had wildly BIG ideas of what i was doing and how i was going to become part of the thought-leader generation. what you don’t see in that smile is the consuming self-doubt and case-gone-bad of imposter syndrome. i carried it all around with me, hoping + praying i wasn’t too far out of my own jurisdiction as i blogged and networked and had wildly BIG ideas.

this morning, i opened an email from a client who hired me for a second consult. as i read through her objectives, i made notes – suggestions + tips + ideas, all of it a comfortable sixth sense to me. but when this photo was taken, i hadn’t weaned myself off notes + books. i hadn’t even officially been certified. i could have rocked more confidence – i have plenty of other degrees to back me up, but nothing made me feel ‘good enough’ to call myself a shui consultant.

so, what’s the point here?

amanda headshot

well, for me, it’s so easy to get caught up in the transaction of right now. i know, present moment is all we have and too much future-tripping is a guaranteed anxiety attack. but sometimes, you gotta take kamikaze leaps and careen into bold choices that would have your future self giving you high fives + fist bumps.

because the truth is, i am still not where i hope to be, but oh moses! i’ve created + curated some of the best experiences of my life with this journey.

i had no idea that i’d be published + shared like crazy on MindBodyGreen. . .

or that i’d be invited into the Dallas Design District as a shui expert + presenter.

no clue that ABC Carpet & Home would follow me + reach out to me. . .

or that i’d write + publish my own workbooks.

wouldn’t have guessed i’d find myself in the glorious company of gala darling and teaching her audience a shui curriculum written by yours truly. . .

or that i’d constantly feel inspired by and make friends with some of the most intelligent + merciful women and men on the planet – my clients and collaborative partners — who are creatively genius as directors, writers, designers, photographers, media consultants, and corporate superstars.

it would have felt surreal to know i’d be interviewed for magazines and symposiums. . .

or co-create + teach courses with one of the most delicious people ever.

the very idea that simple shui would be read around the world. . .

and eventually become a brand + lifestyle instead of a blog name.

if i had known, i wouldn’t have pumped the brakes as often – haha!

i still get asked how much money i make, if i am doing well for myself, who exactly my clientele is. as if these are the only real measurements of success. and i suppose i understand the curiosity behind it, because money certainly makes more things possible. but…

the landmarks + stops i’ve had along the way?

the memories i unleash and relish in quiet moments?

the rare privilege of working from home while building an empire?

the mistakes i’ve made and bumps + bruises i’ve endured?

the interactions + magic + juicy lessons that have cross-fertilized over the last 10 years, making shui a sixth sense?

those are my everything.

my internal drumbeat is to keep moving and figuring out what’s next, but when i saw this photo? i have all the feels for her and i’m a thousand shades of proud. for not giving up, refusing to give in, and despite the temptation so many times along the way, i am madly in love with her for not quitting on us.

for anyone just getting started or looking around and wondering if what you’re doing is ‘worth’ it – let it go. don’t try and control what’s going to happen – because that’s how the fun starts. and waiting for you on the other side is the bounty and magic and thrill worthy of the best celebration!


simple shui | a thousand thanks

celebration matters.

more than we think.

a few opportunities slipped by me last year because i was all hustle, no party.

it’s not that i was too busy.

more like, i didn’t really acknowledge or appreciate my slam dunks. instead of relishing the progress and taking a bow, i moved onto whatever was next.


it’s hard to ignore the connection once you pick up on the pattern.

so this year, it’s about popping champagne. falling in love instantly with the wins. and celebrating it all.

in that spirit, here are a few lovely spoonfuls that are high five, fist bump, a thousand thanks worthy. . .

i’ve mentioned sarah before – she’s a deep, beautiful, contagiously energetic soul and i pinch myself we are friends. the story goes like this: one summer i am poolside reading her book, and next thing i know – through the graceful weaving of serendipity – she’s a guest teacher in a course I’m taking. and from there, fast friends. so, when she asked me to answer some Qs for her BORN TO FREAK profile, i was both flattered and intimidated. sarah’s tribe has some serious swagger, but i want to hang with those moonbeams + sunshine makers. so, i said YES and here’s what happened. . .

this is 40 (4)


i’ve been in the juicy rich company of clementine daily for almost 2 years now. and you know what? every time my articles are published, i feel good. like, pure light gushing good. this tribe of she-phenoms lights me up, and to run alongside them + share shui lets joy loose in my world. if you missed our last collab, somersault over and have a quick read. . .



and coming in april, me-myself-and-i will be teaching a course on practical feng shui to designers. ohmygoodness! what excites me most? shui is so often crazy misunderstood, and i have this opportunity to influence its composition. shui is simple + thoughtful + completely practical, so i am outstretched and grateful to be part of the conversation.



most of all, thank YOU. i often end my days straight up happy because of a note or delightful comment you’ve sent me. i fold myself in those words, love on top of love. this community is how i’ve emerged — your encouragement + enthusiasm has tended my journey well. so, a thousand thanks and many more for your mighty bundles of LOVE.