Simple Shui - Amanda Peters

Simple Shui™ is a modern-day, mission-driven, and love-based© practice of Feng Shui.

What we experience in life is often reflected energetically in our surroundings. And when we change what’s happening around us in a positive way, we reconfigure what happens in our lives as well. So, Simple Shui™ is my approach to curating + living a good life.

About Amanda

I understand energy. I interpret energy. And I appreciate energy.

I am Amanda Gibby Peters, the creator and founder of Simple Shui™.

My mission is to help you – not convince you – to see life imitates our living space. When we empower our surroundings, we simultaneously empower ourselves. And that is its own kind wonderful.

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“Simple Shui for Every Day: 365 Ways to Feng Shui Your Life is a brilliant new book by Amanda Gibby Peters.

Simple Shui for Every Day is for anyone who wants to harness the energy of their surroundings to craft a life they love.”

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until you make clutter a priority…

start a discussion about de-cluttering, and it usually generates hullabaloo. for some, clearing clutter is religion; others simply prefer stuff. […]

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mind your metaphors!

if we don’t LOVE our surroundings, our energy loses its conviction. and even with the best shui fixes, lackluster energy […]

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what clutter really costs you

most people think of clutter as something they’ll eventually get to, but while they’re waiting, here’s what’s actually happening every […]

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turn your space into a work of art

one of the first lessons i learned from my shui teachers was art is SO subjective. (translation: don’t make any […]

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Q & A: “i need to get centered but don’t know how after so much struggle. any shui suggestions?”

Q: “i need to get centered but don’t know how to find a sense of balance after so much struggle. […]

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