Work With Me

Whether you are new to Feng Shui or have been dabbling in it for years, one thing is certain:

A professional consultation is a decisive way to confidently make changes in your surroundings and positively improve your life.


Welcome to an interactive course where you shui your home — week by week — with me as your hands-on guide!

Here’s a peek at what you can expect:

Ever wondered what a shui practitioner “sees” during a consult? I’m divulging my professional approach to every consult and sharing some of my best personal tips!

Does your house overwhelm you? My experience can be your helping hand. I know where the biggest wins with shui “live”, and I’ll help you connect those dots so you experience palpable relief!

Worried about keeping up in a 6-week course? The weekly assignments are encouraging and fun. The group camaraderie is contagious. And the Q & A sessions guarantee you don’t lose momentum. Bottom line: You’ll leap each week to shui your space – guaranteed!

Want to learn more? All the BIG (and tiny) deets + sign up are here.

1:1 Consults

Over the years, my clients who experience the biggest success are those who work with me consistently. Why? We’re not working a house-worth of shui into one conversation. Instead, we tackle their objectives at a steady and sustainable pace.

And after 15 years of trying multiple approaches, I know this to be true: The success lies in learning shui along the way! So, your investment now will pay itself forward – we start in your home but the wisdom you gain will carry with you in every home, office and space you will ever dwell!

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Crafting a beautiful home that feels as good as it looks – choice by choice – can be an intimidating endeavor.

Feng Shui can help! Between the contagious storytelling and common-sense guidance, Simple Shui workshops and conversations cover the substance of shui as much as style; patience as much as pretty; and sustainability as much as celebration.

Most of my workshops are developed around specific needs / requests, so if you have an idea, let’s connect!

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