1:1 Consult

Over the years, my clients who experience the biggest success are those who work with me consistently. Why? We’re not working a house-worth of shui into one conversation. Instead, we tackle their objectives at a steady and sustainable pace.

And after 15 years of trying multiple approaches, I know this to be true: The success lies in learning shui along the way! So, your investment now will pay itself forward – we start in your home but the wisdom you gain will carry with you in every home, office and space you will ever dwell!

What’s Included?

The Expert

Here’s the skinny on me:

One, I have been practicing shui for 15+ years now.

Two, I am insatiably curious and invest in myself every year – which means I am never not learning. What I bring to every conversation is multiple Feng Shui certifications; a year-long study in Earth Medicine; several writing workshops with New York Times bestselling authors; mastermind trainings with executive business coaches; and a Masters in Communication.

Three, I have been sought out by companies-you-know to explain and teach shui, including ABC Carpet & Home, HBO Max, Netflix, Architectural Digest, and Amazon. I teach workshops around the world, develop curriculum for life coaches and design schools, consult / practice / teach shui 24/7, and I’ve written and published a book!

Finally, and this is the most important, I truly believe in the power of shui to transform lives. Feng Shui is a practice that considers everyone and everything in your space. It’s where home improvement meets self-improvement. At its very juicy center, Feng Shui is about love. And for me, that LOVE is what makes this practice irresistible!

I’m In! How Do I Book In?

COST: $3999

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