You can’t quite put your finger on it,
but there’s something about your home that’s not sitting right with you. And it could be throwing everything else in your life off-balance.

Things like: Your wealth or career. Your relationship or family dynamics. Your energy, focus, or sense of safety.


You can attract more opportunities, open the door for better communication, and make energy a renewable resource.

In doing so, you can also make your home the retreat you so desperately need.

All it takes is making strategic changes to the energy in your home.

Changes that are simple, yet impactful.

Common sense, but from a whole new perspective.

Unexpected, and just what you need.

What you need is Feng Shui.

But first, let’s clear up some ideas and beliefs about Feng Shui:

It’s not a design trend. It’s an ancient Chinese practice that uses energy to create harmony between you and your environment.

You don’t have to spend tons of money on new furniture or decor. In fact, you can edit your space using what you have right now. (And by paring down what you don’t need.)

With time, it can and does lead to real results. Just maybe not exactly the ones you’d expect.

For more than 3,000 years, Feng Shui has unlocked opportunities for people around the world who have been open to its powers.

It can do the same for you.

This is a practice where home improvement meets

Feng Shui isn’t just about tidying up a little clutter or curing everyday stressors.

It’s about seeing energy differently and experiencing life intentionally.

It’s about prioritizing your dreams, making room for better opportunities, and feeling a deeper connection with our loved ones and space.

With that comes a deep sense of satisfaction from finally putting yourself at the top of your to-do list so you can stop feeling so tired, frustrated, and overwhelmed all the time.

In your 1:1 Feng Shui consultation, we’ll start by exploring the root cause of any “stuck” energy in your home so you can experience lasting change—both internally and externally.

Transformations don’t happen overnight. That’s why you’ll get plenty of 1:1 time with me over the course of 6 months.

It sounds like a lot of time to fill… until we get started and you realize alllll the opportunities at your fingertips.

Once you tap into that range of possibilities, you won’t ever see your home or life the same way again.


What’s included in your 1:1 Feng Shui consult:

  • 1. Virtual or in-person walkthrough
  • 2. Questionnaire
  • 3. Personalized 10+ page report
  • 4. guide with shui basics
  • 5. Copy of the bagua
  • 6. 9 star ki report
  • 7. home numerology and archetype
  • 8. personalized recommendations
  • 9. check-in meetings
  • 10. email / text access

Virtual or in-person walkthrough

A virtual or in-person walkthrough of your home to kick things off, plus a follow-up appointment dedicated to answering any initial questions you have and deciding what direction you want to take our work in first.


A questionnaire about your home, family members, and current challenges and desires. I’ll ask you for 3-5 objectives you want to focus on while we’re working together, as well as details like the birth dates of everyone living in the home, the year the home was built, and a blueprint or sketch of the home and property.

Personalized 10+ page report

A personalized 10+ page report with my recommendations for each part of your home, keeping your objectives top of mind. This includes additional opportunities you can explore beyond our 6 months together, so you stay connected to and supported in working intentionally with the energy in your home.

guide with shui basics

The Developing Your Own Sense of Shui guide with all the shui basics. This workbook is a comprehensive overview of things we might cover during our consultation. It includes a profile of all 9 areas of the bagua (wealth and prosperity, reputation and fame, love and relationships, family and community, health and wellbeing, children and creativity, knowledge and self-cultivation, career and life path, travel and helpful people), an overview of what each room means, a quick look at the 5 elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) and their basic expressions, and an overview of the 9 basic chi enhancers with practical tips for space clearing.

copy of the bagua

A copy of the bagua (a Feng Shui energy map) orientation of your space, including where in your home your power spots reside

9 Star Ki report

A 9 Star Ki report for your household, including an Elemental Compatibility chart. 9 Star Ki Astrology is based on the 5 natural elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. By understanding their elemental make-up, we create a specifically supportive environment for everyone at home.

home numerology and archetype

Your home’s numerology and house archetype profile to determine how your home impacts your wellbeing and lifestyle

personalized recommendations

Personalized recommendations for supplies, contacts, and possible vendors—basically, if I know someone else who can help you, my black book is all yours!

check-in meetings

We’ll *meet* twice a month via Zoom or on-site meetings (if you’re local to the DFW area) to check in, catch up, and tweak the shui. I’ll be there to help filter the decisions, untangle any knots, and keep you on track to energetically shift your home.

email / text access

Access to me via email / text Monday – Friday for any and all questions that come up along the way.


For 6 months, you’ll get every tool and resource to succeed well beyond our work together.


You CAN love whatever space you live in—
and I’ll show you how.

I’m Amanda Gibby Peters, and for more than 15 years I’ve helped people all over the world reclaim their spaces and demystified Feng Shui for them in the process.

My superpower is making the complicated simple. (And having a good time doing it!) I help you feel empowered, inspired, and supported to make positive changes in your home.

Because at its very juicy center, Feng Shui is about love—for your space, for your life, and for yourself.

I’ve been sought out by companies-you-know to explain and teach Shui, including HBO Max, Netflix, Architectural Digest, and Amazon. My book, Simple Shui for Every Day: 365 Ways to Feng Shui Your Life, is where you’ll find all my best advice on practicing Shui yourself. Your home is a living breathing entity that influences your perception of the world and creates lasting energetic impact. Feng Shui is the practice of harnessing that impact for something positive.

Amanda came into my life a few years ago and my life has never been the same.

In the best way, I can say that it improved the flow in my life. It has been helpful in times of joy and when life felt broken. She has an energy..a spark..a calming and beautiful presence with her clients.


While living here in Japan, I saw Amanda’s consultations for Feng Shui and I was very curious about getting some advice for my apartment.

I was a little skeptical because a lot of the advice she has is for big American homes, and I live in a small space. With her guidance, though, I was able to make my space into a home! I can recommend Amanda to someone living in any kind of space, in any country around the world.


I’m all yours for 6 months

You’ll get every tool and resource to succeed well beyond our work together. ALL FOR A ONE-TIME INVESTMENT OF $9997.