a thousand thanks | marrakech on my mind

it’s been a week, and still, Marrakech is on my mind and the straight up magic of it all. like. . .

the endless twists and turns inside the souks. . .the stray cats. . .and the barrage of bold colors and noise refusing to be ignored.


the finesse of a good haggle + my celebratory squeals from the steals of deals i brokered! {it also sadly and forever rendered any sale i ever get here at home now lukewarm and flat.}


the square filled with spices + incense + oils + soap + dyes – a symphony of seduction to the senses. and every single thing that came home with me carries the vibrancy of this magical city.


the textiles + blankets + rugs + lanterns + baskets. and my mind + heart swamped, trying to decide what dangling treasures and evocative gems to squeeze into my suitcase.


afternoon meanderings through the pink-ish maze of the medina, possibly lost and hypnotized by the beauty while always (luckily!) hopping out of a zooming motorbike’s path just in time.


the ritual of prayer 5 times a day – a call echoing from towering speakers, quickly becoming an invitation to reconnect + recommit to gratitude. {although, truthfully, i never warmed to the 5:30-ish a.m. call. . .}.

HOT mint tea poured magnificently into beautifully etched glasses alongside sweet, savory treats.

jardin majorelle + yves st. laurent + all that blue. and i am only half-joking when i say it may be the tipping point to my own blue period. because my mind is whirring with ideas about saturating my walls, draping fabric, throwing down rugs to pop my world with cobalt.




our visit to the hamman and being led through a series of rooms, rituals, and relaxation. i was rubbed down with black soap, steamed, scrubbed thoroughly, covered in clay, and doused with water – followed up with the pampering of a fluffy robe, an enchanting room, and a cup of mint tea. ummm, yes, we could all get used to this.

and the doors. ALL THE DOORS. visual poetry and puh-lenty of inspo.


and then. . .

to be there among the sisterhood + soulful synergy of high priestesses. where we began each day with gala darling and guided meditations + cavernous soul journaling. . . and bid the day farewell with veronica varlow and her ancestral stories + candlelit rituals + personal revivals. . .


and to teach shui in a gorgeous riad where water was flowing, candles adorned the room, rose petals floated, and birdsong was swirling among a radiant femme squad. truly, this is a feeling i will savor forever. . .


and finally. . .

on our way home, an overnight stay in Madrid.

and chocolate and churros – need i say more?

walking the city late into the evening, people everywhere and the energy so becoming of us all.

honestly, i feel so luck struck. and with every trip i make, i think of shui. because it is how i aligned my wanderlust and reality. it is when these juicy, dripping-down-my-chin travels truly began. and it is why, should you ever wonder what shui will do for you, i will tell you it has the moxie + muscle to trigger capacious opportunities and sprinkle them all along your way. making your story the real love affair of your life.






simple shui | santa fe is my kinda love affair

sometimes, when it seems nothing is quite jiving, it’s best to let the universe steer for a while.

that was my prescription last week as i headed to santa fe.


a girls’ retreat with my favorite wanderlusters, filled to the brim with loose laughter and rhythmic conversation, massaged my mind into relaxation. . .

and while surrendering to the spa delights + taking in the natural splendor around us, i found my language for reinterpreting energy in our homes widening.

so, while these nuggets are santa fe inspired, they’re also simple shui approved.

1. take pictures of ordinary things in your house. our vibration changes when we seek out their beauty. and there is such simple wisdom in our sweet mundane. it all speaks to our thoughts + beliefs and how our well-being is being influenced at a subtle frequency.


2. commit to one act of beauty often. light candles. buy flowers. soak in a salty bath. create a nook all for yourself and keep it cozy. when we show ourselves LOVE, we resonate with higher vibes. and those good vibes bring company!

3. move around. and don’t let your things get stale. challenge yourself to try something new. because when we get fresh, it changes the flavor of energy meandering through our home. and that keeps our senses tingling and our days vibrant.


4. pick a big task. one that feels out of reach but exciting. write it down. don’t scope out the HOW. instead, let that intention layer in your space creatively. and be open to the clues, honoring them when they arrive, and that will lead to those crazy opportunities for manifesting it.


5. splurge once a year on something for your house. it quenches that familiar thirst that comes with ruts that were once grooves.


with crystals and saints and free-flowing vibes everywhere, it was easy to soak up the life radiating energy in santa fe. but coming home, i am reminded of how there is so much potential dancing around me right here. and right now. with a little effort daily, we can spark that natural illumination and sacred inspiration within us.



the lovelies | west monroe

i wasn’t sure this would happen.


but, it did.

in the fading minutes of summer.

5 hours there. 5 hours back.

you might be curious if we saw anyone with a beard. . .

and the A to that Q is yes.

but not like we had hoped.

if you’ve been, you know people gather around the back of the warehouse where the family and their employees come and go. crowds hoping to see a robertson or two.


rumor was rampant that day jase left to run an errand and was due back shortly.

after making our way around the gift shop and snapping the obligatory photos, we joined the small crowd awaiting his return.




we stood in that searing heat, our faces becoming crimson. we were there a while.

a few times, one of the lovelies asked if we could just go. her sister, however, was determined to wait jase out.

photo(234) photo(235) photo(233)

after way too long in the torrid sun, my overheated lovely simply walked off to the car.

as they say she gone.

my mom was on her tail as she charged for the car.

and when she rendezvoused there, she became sick. {you don’t want the details, right?}

at which point, i realized that even though we were the only ones left standing + waiting, it was time to gather up the other lovely and head home.


once everyone was hydrated properly, we pulled out of the parking lot.

as i crossed lanes in the 5 o’clock traffic, he passed us.

jase. passed. us.

the dust from our tires hadn’t even settled yet, and he was pulling into our spot.

i wish i was joking. seriously.

the thing is, the place is well scouted with security. men with teeny walkie talkies await the arrival of any family member to usher them into the building safely. so, even if i had been able to wing a u-turn (i was not) or a brisk turn around at the next light (i didn’t do that either), he would’ve most likely been in the building. because flipping around in a frenzy is exactly why they have security, yes?




honestly, it has taken me a week to make peace we missed jase by mere minutes.

but, the film of it now is we marked it off the list. and between the unwavering heat + one lovely down + the crossing of paths as we left, i’d say we have a rather memorable summer story to stretch for years to come.


{and in case you are wondering if this blog will ever resume simple shui posts, the answer is yes. next week will be more shui, less autobiography.}


the lovelies | wild august

with a few sizzling summer days stuffed in our pockets, we packed up the car austin bound for an impulsive change of scenery. alongside the overnight bags was our summer list. we lounged at a “beach” resort (so we could check that off the list) and hoped we would see a few bats (which we were fully prepared to count as bird watching). however, a numinous hand orchestrated our getaway because we joyously marked off nature center, meteor shower, mini golfing, and farmer’s market.

sometimes, it just takes getting your foot out the door to make things happen.

photo(209) photo(222) photo(225) photo(219) photo(220) photo(217) photo(216) photo(208) photo(221) photo(228) photo(226) photo(211) photo(210) photo(231)

the lovelies | endless days of summer

we began summer with a brimming board of ideas. bursts of imagination that would loosely lantern our way through the simmering months.

what it became was a way to create space around the daily monotony. routine tasks. everyday expectations. and when we wiggle into marking something off the board, we feel giddy. and bolder. drenched with desire to sock away a few more.

utah was fertile ground, offering us more than enough to do. and that update is long overdue. . .

we hiked. and hiked. with our senses willingly hypnotized by the earthy smells + sights + sounds of the wild. {and i am still musing over that moose. . .}

photo(167) ANE utah 2013 (2) photo(168) photo(169) photo(164) photo(165) photo(179) photo(170)

we weaved down an alpine slide, soaking up gorgeous glimpses of the unfolding valley below our tippy toes.

photo(174) photo(171) photo(173) photo(172) photo(176) photo(175) photo(177) photo(178)

and, then, there was the museum. the children’s museum. sort of sweet splendor having props to really rally the imagination. . .

photo(181) photo(185) photo(189) photo(188) photo(180) photo(184) photo(183) photo(192) photo(191) photo(187)

with only a few weeks left until we are on the other side of the season, we are full-tilt squeezing as much nectar from what remains. . .in celebration of these lovely, endless days of summer.