50 shades of shui | it’s a FREE simple shui series!

happy FRIDAY, darlings!

there’s something i want to tell you that’s kinda a BIG deal to me.

next week, i am launching a FREE series called 50 Shades of Shui, and izzz’ all happening on Facebook Live!

oh, baby — we are going to have some wild FUN!

this course is a 10-day day dive into the feng shui elements + all their superpowers. and i am talking ALL about it in my new video, so have a listen and then sign up here.

if your energy is ready to make a comeback. . .

or you’re thirsty for a tall pour of shui. . .

come right this way. . .

and join the shui squad.

see you next thurday!



simple shui | gather round

with summer on the loose, it’s time to tune into the LIVING ROOM. this space is a gathering spot — and when it’s garnished with love notes of our personalities, life has a tendency to go well and feel good for all. however, if the room is cluttered, those low vibes have a plucky tendency to show up in our conversations + interactions with our loved ones. and if no one is using this space, it hints that the family might be drifting apart.

so. i have a few simple shui strategies for you in today’s new video to keep your house feeling like home sweet home!


and if you like this new format — a video Q & A in under 3 minutes, send me yours and we will keep the party going all summer long!



simple shui | decluttering vs. organizing

happy friday, dreamers + doers!

i’ve been reading a steady stream of Qs about decluttering and organizing lately. and while the two seem collaborative, it’s been my experience we sabotage our efforts if we do them both at once. here’s the thing: clearing clutter — no matter the method — is a really good thing. but how you approach it? that’s what i’m talking about in today’s video.

and if this feels like an invitation for clearing space in your home, join kristen + me january 25th for our first round of re:clutter in 2016 — 21 days of prompts to guide + inspire you to clearing space. so, if you crave more room this year to breathe, create, inspire, and think. . .this will get you on your merry way.



simple shui | let’s talk life support

whenever i talk about front doors, there is a conversation thread beginning somewhere. and usually, it is strung together with what ifs.

you know. . .

what if i don’t ever use my front door?

what if i have TWO front facing doors?

what if i live in a building and have NO control over the space outside my front door?

even, what if my front door isn’t red?

the front door is like a signature quality — we set the tone for everything beyond its threshold here. and it absolutely holds sway to harness happiness. so, from this point on, think of the front door as life support. because when we really want to rig life in our favor, it is the BEST starting place.

here’s what i know: no matter the obstacle, there’s always a shui remedy willing to oblige your intentions. so, i’ve heard your what ifs {questions + emails + comments}, and i have answers — ones that will feel just right for you!



simple shui | where do i start?

it’s a typical response when we step into the wide open world o’shui.

with so many good + simple  ideas, we want to try it all. right now.

falling alongside our frenzy of energy + desire to get started, we wonder WHERE to begin? WHAT to do first?

while this topic may feel familiar, it is always a welcome refresher in a world of mental pollution. yet, any time we revisit our space — even if we ‘shui’d’ it already — there is an opportunity to reconnect + recommit to our space and clarify new intentions, pouring our attention into what we really desire now.

because somewhere in that mix things begin falling into place.

and that’s my kind of splendor.


p.s. be sure and check out our new re:clutter course! if you’re at all ambivalent about your stuff + would like to break new ground, join kristen finch and i as we launch a BRAND NEW round of FRESH PRESSED prompts. it’ll be a party with a purpose. the shindig starts monday, september 21st. let’s do this!