3 *practical magic* uses for salt

i LOVE salt – and often refer to it as the original crystal. it is forever one of my GO TO remedies – one i reach for INSTINCTUALLY, QUICKLY and PREFERENTIALLY when energy gets wonky. and because it connects to the salt in our sweat, tears and blood, it is an organic influencer of our own chi. almost everyone has this in their home, too, so it makes it such a shui friendly resource at your fingertips!

one of the Qs i get most often is “how can i shui my garage?” because if it is attached to your house, it is a gua needing its own TLC, right? there are, of course, so many ideas for this space, but this cleanse is my favorite:

TIP ONE: sweep the entire space to prepare for the cleanse, and then sprinkle coarse salt (sea, Epsom, etc.) on the floor. use your broom to sweep it around the room. once it’s been scattered, sweep it all up. as you do, intend for the salt to take any lingering low chi with it. once you have it all swept in a pile (into your dust pan), flush it down the toilet.

salt also promotes healthy finances. the Romans paid their soldiers with salt because it was such a valuable commodity and really something only available to the wealthy – so much so that the word “salary” is derived from the Latin word for salt. so, as you do this, think to yourself, “when there is salt, there will always be money.”

TIP TWO: when clients of mine are in a bad situation, this is the remedy i pivot to WITHOUT FAIL.

i have them grab some sea, Epsom, rock salt – whatever they have on hand.

i tell them to fill up 1 bowl about 70% with the salt, place it in the middle of their space, and leave it out for 24 hours. if they want, they can also sprinkle some salt along the threshold of their front (and back) door. i have them leave the salt there for 24 hours, too.

the salt soaks up the fallout chi from whatever is happening and keeps it contained. before or right at the 24 hour mark, i have them dispose of the salt in an outside trash (or bury it in the ground). and whether they sweep up the threshold salt or vacuum it, i have them dispose of it, too, outside their home. otherwise, all that *toxic* energy will get loose back into their space. if you think of a soaked sponge, that’s the “leaking” energy that starts to happen…

TIP THREE: this tip comes from Lillian Too.

she says once a year, we should give our kitchen a salty wipe down – the kitchen being a seat of health and wealth. this cleansing ritual clears any lingering negative chi that might have settled here. it also keeps it from attaching to you.

all you need is a damp cloth, natural rock salt, and a little elbow grease. dip your cloth into the salt, and wipe down everything – countertops, cupboards, pantry door, and floors – with the intention of extracting and eliminating old chi. (note: be surface discerning – if it won’t respond well to salt, work the spaces that are immune.) xo