33+ ways to keep things light

light is a chi multitasker. it offers us reassuring comfort; its flicker can change a space from lackluster to luminous; and it keeps unwanted energy from finding refuge! so, if you feel like you could use a little of that spark, how about 33 ways to light up a home and your life?


open your space to as much natural light possible when possible.

devote a space near a window so you can soak up the sun!

buy fresh fruits, veggies, and/or flowers – they required sunlight to grow, so let them effuse its chi.

play with imagery or artwork depicting the sun rising, setting, or sitting pretty in the sky.

pursue pieces (art, décor, clothing!) that radiate sunshine hues.

use a mirror to reflect the sun – especially if you’re thinking about pursuing a new direction.

hang a Swarovski crystal in the window – and don’t forget to clean both the window and crystal (occasionally) so nothing dims their megawatt sparkle!


when natural light isn’t available, rest assure a cast is ready to assume her part…

add accent lighting to call attention to something (spotlights) or make a space feel more uplifting (up-lights).

employ task lighting to zone in on and emphasize your focus zone.

dial into downward lighting when cozy-and-settled is your craving.

stimulate energy with ambient lighting (chandeliers, recessed lights, or overheads), and don’t hesitate to flip the house lights on when you’re in a slump.

install dimmers so a mood change only requires a flick of the wrist.

warm up a room with incandescent bulbs and linger in their soft orange glow.

“up” the bulb wattage around you when an easy pick-me-up is needed!


rekindle the night lights.

bring home a salt lamp.

string the twinkling lights.

illuminate a room and a favorite piece of art with picture lighting.

gather around the TV for a family movie night.

04: FIRE

light those candles – and keep matches nearby so that the impulse isn’t lost!

cook over an open fire. (glamping, anyone?)

light the fire place / fire pit.

play with sparklers.


shine up those metals.

polish your mirrors.

consider a semi-gloss or high gloss paint along those baseboards or crown molding.

follow the call of a disco ball!


partner with anything that glimmers, sparkles or shines.

play up a room with the color white and its posse of pastel hues.

bring in a little iridescence.

open up some space so the light shines through!

prioritize whatever makes you SMILE. and always…

say a little prayer for Spirit’s light. xo