4 ways to improve the energy around you NOW!

lean into how your space feels right now. is it a few good vibrations short of harmony? if so, here are 4 ways to guarantee you hit the high notes.

minimize the clutter around you, especially in a smaller room or space. i know clearing clutter feels hard. it also requires twice as much effort to maintain our own peace and productivity with it. clutter saps energy, which means anything we aspire to accomplish is immediately contaminated by it. how often do you start out with one goal and end up somewhere else? it’s time to prioritize the purge. keep in mind, too, that sometimes clutter emanates from what we can’t see – dust and spaces that never receive any use/attention.

double up your radiance. sunlight is (usually) on tap every day. its only requirement: open the blinds / curtains so its beams can light up your home. another way to bring in the sun’s cleansing superpower? focus on one positive thought when you wake up. this practice dates back to meditation masters, so don’t discard it as new-age hype. cultivate this morning ritual, and you become the light that purifies and brightens your space.

get vertical. tall plants pull energy up, and tall trees lift our energy to a higher plane. however, don’t feel limited to your yard to harness this second wind. find a tall tree somewhere, and sit under it. and if you aren’t near tall trees, bring home a bundle of leggy fresh flowers or a tall plant. don’t have a green thumb? incorporate expressions of wood décor or furniture. both emit living chi. go for bare hardwood floors. bring out the wood salad bowl and tongs. let the coffee table breathe. sleep in high-quality linens, or stack the towel shelf with plush cotton towels.

yang it up! yang rooms and homes exude an energizing vitality. think: bright colors, happy sounds (like music, laughter) and a pleasing balance of spatial and people energy. when a space is heavily dark due to decor or dim lighting, yang energy gets suppressed. this squelches our health and relationships. even more problematic? when yang is out of balance, opportunities and success feel more out of reach. so, yank that cosmic energy in your lap and feel good vibes will stay on tap! xo