5 ways to call opportunity to Y-O-U!

it’s time for another *simple shui in 5* and today’s topic: CALLING OPPORTUNITY TO Y-O-U!

TIP ONE: sweep outside your door. this equally sweeps away dirt and debris as well as symbolically releases the past (any lingering energy) – which is a powerful way to greet abundance and possibilities looking to move into your life.

TIP TWO: pathways are analogous to opportunities finding their way to us, so keep yours clean and clear so any and all favorable circumstances have clear passage to you!

TIP THREE: make sure your doorbell works – this little bell calls opportunities to you and lets you know when they have arrived!

TIP FOUR: if your green chi (trees, shrubs, potted plants) is overgrown, it could be consuming life chi from you and leaving you with the leftovers. a quick trim or pruning will resolve that loss quickly!

TIP FIVE: doors have a variety of implications in shui. the front door is where auspicious energy and welcome lucks enter our lives. the back door is a conduit for indirect opportunities. (and all those doors throughout your home are synonymous with a parent’s voice.) clutter around any of these creates obstacles, fosters unnecessary struggle, and diminishes the quality of energy flowing to us. so, keep them clear – front and back. xo